Spinal Tap Recording New Material

artist: Spinal Tap date: 02/04/2009 category: new releases
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Spinal Tap Recording New Material
The faux (but still very real) heavy metal band Spinal Tap is set to make their return to the music world this year with their first release in almost twenty years. Actor Harry Shearer, who performs under the name "Derek Smalls", spoke with BBC 5 Live about the future recordings and promises "It'll be for download as well as on conventional media later this year." Spinal Tap was last seen together back in 2007 when they performed at Wembley Stadium in London as a part of the globe-spanning Live Earth concert. It was during this concert that they debuted a new song, "Warmer Than Hell", and were one of the stand-out performers of the day. "We've never recorded the song we did at Live Earth, 'Warmer Than Hell', and I think they [Spinal Tap] are trying to revisit their old success," Shearer adds during his meeting with BBC 5 Live. "Not that they were ever popular, maybe in their own universe. We'll do a song called 'Gimme Some More Money', probably with some dubious results." Spinal Tap rose to fame in 1984 as the stars of "This Is Spinal Tap"; a mockumentary chronicling the lives of the band and those who had to deal with them. Since then the band has only released two albums: The soundtrack to the 1984 movie of the same name and 1992's "Break Like The Wind". Report by David Lowe-Bianco.
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