Spinal Tap To Peform With Gervais

artist: Spinal Tap date: 05/11/2007 category: new releases
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Spinal Tap are hoping to collaborate with Ricky Gervais during the band's upcoming Live Earth performance. The mock rockers are hoping to tempt the comedy star to sing with them on a set which will also feature new material. Rob Reiner, who directed their 1984 movie "This Is Spinal Tap" under the moniker Marty DeBergi, said: "I think they're gonna do 'Stonehenge' and 'Big Bottom' and then we're gonna do the new number 'Warmer Than Hell'. They always have some 'interesting' stage craft, so one way to look at it is a disaster waiting to happen. "I'm hoping that Ricky Gervais is gonna be there. We're trying to convince him right now, but Marti DeBergi is definitely going to introduce Spinal Tap." Explaining exactly why the Tap are playing the climate awareness event, Reiner continued to Xfm: I think it was the idea of helping the world. This was a call to arms to stop the tide of global warming, even though they knew very little about global warming. Nigel Tufnel thought it was just to do with people wearing too many clothes... He just thought if it was too hot, then they should take some clothes off." Thanks for the report to GIGWise.
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