Spineshank: Footage From The Studio Posted Online

Spineshank has posted behind-the-scenes footage from some of its recent recording sessions.

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Reunited California-based band Spineshank has posted behind-the-scenes footage from some of its recent recording sessions. Watch the five-minute clip at this location. Original members Jonny Santos (vocals), Tommy Decker (drums), Mike Sarkisyan (guitar) and Rob Garcia (bass) have completed 10 new songs and plan on writing about 10-12 more before they enter a studio to begin recording a new album. According to Sarkisyan, "The record is definitely shaping up, and trust me when I say that this is going to be by far the best Spineshank record yet. All of us are firing on all cylinders and we're super excited about this record."

Spineshank recently posted a new track, "Born Conform Repent", on the band's MySpace page. Other new songtitles include "I Am Damage", "Anger Denial Acceptance" and "The Reckoning".

The band is working during the mixing process with "good friend" Jay Baumgardner, who co-produced Spineshank's "Strictly Diesel" album (1998) and mixed the "Self-Destructive Pattern" CD (2003). Decker says, "[Jay] is an awesome mixer and a part of the family, so we are excited to have him back in the fold again."

On the subject of Spineshank's current musical direction, Tommy says, "First of all, you dont have to worry about us abandoning our sound; there will be plenty of electronics/loops/synths on this record. Jonny is also singing better than he ever has, so there will be a ton of singing and melody as well. This will definitely be heavier than our previous albums but it will not be all bashing. I can wholeheartedly promise you that we will not be trying to be anything we are not. This is simply going to be Spineshank five years later. There will be a few new elements but it will be undeniably us (for better or worse!!!). . . Jonny will also be playing some guitar in Spineshank from now on. It will give Mike a little bit freedom in a live setting and add a bit more balls to the live show."

Spineshank's third and last album, "Self-Destructive Pattern", was released on September 9, 2003. The album's lead single, "Smothered", was nominated for a Grammy in the category of "Best Metal Performance".

Following his departure from Spineshank, Santos formed Silent Civilian, which released its debut album, "Rebirth Of The Temple", in May 2006.

Spineshank played its last show to a sold-out London Astoria at the end of the Roadrage tour in 2003.

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