Staind To Begin Recording This Fall

artist: Staind date: 07/08/2010 category: new releases
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Staind frontman Aaron Lewis has finished work on his long-in-the-making debut solo album, but doesn't expect to release it until after the next record from Staind arrives. Lewis told The Pulse of Radio that he wants to finish out Staind's current recording contract before putting out his own project. "Once Staind goes in this fall and does their final record, then when I go and do my actual solo record it's free and clear of any record label obligations," he said. "These days with viral marketing and everything else that you can do as an alternative means of getting music out there, we're gonna try to do it outside the box a little bit." Although Lewis at one point planned to issue a live solo recording this year as a preview of the full studio effort, those plans seem to be hold for now. The singer told Billboard that he and the rest of Staind will probably regroup after a year-long break in November to begin writing the follow-up to 2008's "The Illusion Of Progress". Lewis said his solo album has a definite "country flavor" to it, explaining, "It's acoustic guitar based and I recorded it in Nashville with a bunch of country session musicians. So it's kind of somewhere between country and James Taylor and 'It's Been A While'." The proposed first single, "Country Boy", features guest spots by Hank Williams Jr., George Jones and Charlie Daniels. Lewis plans to tour behind the record when it is released. Thanks for the report to
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