Starsailor 'In The Crossfire'

Starsailor explode back into the national consciousness on 3rd October with the release of "In The Crossfire."

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Starsailor explode back into the national consciousness on 3rd October with the release of "In The Crossfire", the first single to be taken from their forthcoming third album "On The Outside" to be released through EMI Records.

"In The Crossfire" is an incendiary, hard hitting song which shows Starsailor at their best. Its urgent and honest, setting the scene for an album which sees the band focused and reignited.

Recorded in LA with producer Rob Schnapf, "On The Outside" is an impassioned statement that sees the band moving away from the introspection of the first two records. Starsailor have produced an album that is more aware and observant. Their best album to date, "On The Outside" promises to take the autumn by storm.

  • 7" coloured vinyl

    A. In The Crossfire B. Always

  • CD

    01. In The Crossfire 02. Always

  • DVD

    01. In The Crossfire video 02. Four To The Floor - Live at Somerset House 03. In The Crossfire audio

    Starsailor will be celebrating the launch of their new single, "In The Crossfire" by performing four intimate shows in the UK. These are:

    10/03 - Edinburgh The Venue 10/04 - Manchester Jabez Clegg 10/06 - Birmingham Irish Centre 10/07 - Bristol Bierkeller

    Four similar shows will be taking place in Europe and will be announced shortly.

    A limited number of tickets for these gigs will be held back and given away in a prize draw for those ordering through this website. There will also be a piece of exclusive signed artwork for one lucky winner.

    Streaming links for the mighty fine video to "In The Crossfire" are below:

  • Real Media: Hi, Lo
  • Windows Media: Hi, Lo

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      theyre just YET ANOTHER piano band, depressing and slow. singer has a whiney voice yeah theyre coldplay rippoffs but nothing like as good
      I love Crossfire...the old game that had the sweet commerical to it with the kids battling eachother and eventually the losing kid spins away.
      Hexagram, how I love you. "Crossfire, you'll get caught up in , crossfiiyyaaa!" *announcer* "Crossfire the game where you fire marbles out of gun at your sweaty neigbour." I don't think I was the only one that broke the gun off, thinking it would work fine. Oh, to be young again.
      I Love Starsailor. And In The Crossfire is their best song ever. AND THEY ARE NOT COLDPLAY RIPOFFS!!! Coldplay Wish They Were Starsailor
      coldplay knockoffs?! starsailor?! thats not true in the slightest! they look more verve influenced to me, allthough they are quite original and sound amazing