Starsailor: Single, Album Details

artist: Starsailor date: 08/30/2005 category: upcoming releases

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Starsailor explode back into the national consciousness on October 17th with the release of "On The Outside", preceded by by a new single "In The Crossfire". "In The Crossfire" is an incendiary, hard hitting song which shows Starsailor at their best. It's urgent and honest, setting the scene for an album which sees the band focused and reignited. Recorded in LA with producer Rob Schnapf, "On The Outside" is an impassioned statement that sees the band moving away from the introspection of the first two records. Starsailor have produced an album that is more aware and observant. Their best album to date, "On The Outside" promises to take the autumn by storm. The tracklisting for the album runs: 01. "In The Crossfire" 02. "Counterfeit Life" 03. "In My Blood" 04. "Faith Hope Love" 05. "I Don't Know" 06. "Way Back Home" 07. "Keep Us Together" 08. "Get Out While You Can" 09. "This Time" 10. "White Light" 11. "Jeremiah"
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