Static-X Album Track Listing

artist: Static-X date: 03/30/2005 category: new releases

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Static-X Album Track Listing
Static-X have finalized the track listing for their fourth full-length CD, "Start A War", due June 14 via Warner Bros. Records, according to Static-X entered the studio in Los Angeles in October with producer Ulrich Wild to begin recording the album, the group's first with new drummer Nick Oshiro. Early Static-X guitarist Koichi Fukuda ? who recently officially rejoined the band ? handled the programming and keyboard duties during the recording process. "Start A War" track listing: 01. The Enemy 02. I'm The One 03. Start A War 04. Pieces 05. Dirthouse 06. Skinnyman 07. Just In Case 08. Set It Off 09. I Want To Fucking Break It 10. Night Terrors 11. Otsego Amigo 12. My Damnation 13. Brainfog Static-X's last collection of new recordings, "Shadow Zone", was released in October 2003. A remix-and-rarities disc, "Beneath, Between, Beyond", featuring the band's soundtrack releases as well as early demos, exclusive remixes and never-before-heard material, came out last July.
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