Static-X: New Album Cover Revealed

artist: Static-X date: 02/02/2007 category: upcoming releases

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Static-X: New Album Cover Revealed
The cover artwork for Static-X's new album, "Cannibal", has been posted online at this location. The CD is due on April 3. "If you want a taste of the musical direction [on the upcoming album], check out the song 'No Submission' from the 'Saw III' soundtrack," frontman Wayne Static previously stated. Static-X will perform at the Slinging Ink Tattoo Expo on February 24 at the San Antonio Airport Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas. "Cannibal" track listing is as follows: 01. Cannibal 02. No Submission 03. Behemoth 04. Chemical Logic 05. Destroyer 06. Forty Ways 07. Chroma-matic 08. Cuts You Up 09. Reptile 10. Electric Pulse 11. Goat 12. Team Hate Thanks for the info to
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