Steve Vai Announces New Solo Album

Guitar legend Steve Vai has announced plans to release his next solo album.

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Guitar legend Steve Vai has announced plans to release his next solo album. "The Story Of Light" will be available on August 14, featuring 10 melodic instrumentals and two songs featuring female vocalists. The project is the second part of a operatic trilogy, which will include lyrics and narration. According to a press release, "The Story Of Light" "follows the journey of a man driven mad by grief, intertwining tragedy, revelation, enlightenment, and redemption." Part one of the trilogy was the 2005 album "Real Illusions: Reflections", and part three will come at a later date. All our released on Favored Nations Entertainment, the label Vai founded in 1999.

"I'm always pursuing knowledge, I'm a seeker of spiritual equilibrium - and music is a big part of that," the guitarist says. "I've been obsessed with these kinds of ideas for years."

Aimee Mann will sing on a song called "No More Amsterdam", and season one "The Voice" finalist Beverly McClellan will sing "John The Revelator", a track inspired by Blind Wilie Johnson, who also makes a postmortem appearance.

"The Story Of Light" is available for preorder at Vai's website. It's his 16th album, and the first since the 2009 live album "Where The Wild Things Are". According to the press release, Vai will begin a tour of North America on Aug. 15 in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

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    Finally! A second installment! As much as I love his instrumental work, I like Real Illusions: Reflections and Sex & Religion more. More lyrics (than just in 2 tracks) would be cool, but I'm sure that his royal Vai-ness will make it at least cool, if not great.
    i love what he's into. nd i love how he writes his name "VAI" with a down triangle, an up triangle, and an eye. great symbols, he WOULD. they are all over his signature equipment too. what a god, i will buy this c-d