Steven Tyler Writes Music With Johnny Depp

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler has revealed that he now writes music with Johhny Depp.

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Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, who moved from Boston to Los Angeles to be a judge on American Idol, said him and actor Johnny Depp meet up regularly to write music.

"I get to write songs with Johnny Depp. I would have never done that being home [in Boston]. He plays music and I call him [and say] 'I'm coming over, we're going to write a song together'. He's like, 'Yeah, come over... tell me if I'm playing 'Seasons Of Wither' right'", Tyler told the Today show.

Meanwhile, Tyler has again spoken about his audition with Led Zeppelin.

In 2008, the singer was one of a number of musicians who sang for Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonha when they were looking for a frontman to replace Robert Plant.

Also, Tyler's new autobiography, "Does The Noise In My Head Bother You" is due May 3; and, there's a brand new solo single "(It) Feels So Good" to be released on May 10.

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    how many elderly rock icons does this guy hang out with? I thought it was just Keith Richards anyways, could this mean a Johnny Depp... album? Worse celebrities have taken hold of mics and tried to do albums. I like Tyler. I like Depp. And I like strange collaborations of musicians (thus I'm more excited for Whocares and Chickenfoot's new album)