Sting to Release First Solo Album in a Decade

"The Last Ship" is scheduled for release on September 24.

Ultimate Guitar

Legendary British rocker Sting will release new album on September 24, Ultimate Classic Rock reports. "The Last Ship" will be a collection of songs Sting helped write for a musical of the same name.

It's not clear where or when the musical will be produced - Sting has been working to find investors to bring it to Broadway - but the plot follows action set in a shipyard in Wallsend, Eng., near a town Sting (Gordon Sumner) spent time in during his youth. The New York Times reports that the songs were written to advance the plays plot, so each will contain a fair amount of story telling. Previously they reported the music was inspired by Sting's 1991 "The Soul Cages" album.

The 61-year-old bassist collaborated with John Rogan and Brian Yorkey over the last three years to write the music. "It is a homecoming story set against the backdrop of the decline of the shipbuilding industry in Newcastle during the '80s," the Times reports. Many of the songs were used in the musical, but some from Sting's album have been cut from the production. Early buzz for the plot and songs has been positive, however some wonder if it has commercial appeal.

It's been a decade since Sting last released a project with original material. 2003 marked Sting's last full-length release of original material, "Sacred Love." He's focused mostly on live albums and reworkings of his previous hits and albums since.

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    TTP Penguin
    I hope this is a step back to his older sound, not a big fan of the folky path he went down recently.
    Don't like his solo style , love The Police , hope it's a success . Being from a North East Shipbuilding/Mining family I hope he shows the world what kind bi-tch Thatcher was and what she did here , unlike the watered down shi-te that Streep portrayed in the Iron Lady . Message in a bottle , SOS save our shipyards . Rant over .
    Now finally some news that really got me excited! These young folks underate old folks too much, this one guy mentioned here is surely one of the most classy singers of his age.
    No but seriously, who considers this "good" music? The police? Rap/hip-hop/dance is where it's at in todays society, none of this 80s greasy bullkrap
    Who the **** is Sting?
    You sir, clearly live in a box, because the vast majority of the world consider Sting more famous than most of the people who are regularly reported about on this site, such as Geoff Tate, Serj Tankian and Josh Homme. He was the frontman for the Police.
    Sting has suffered from the pompous bloated English rock star Syndrome for many years while trying for "serious music" acceptance .He's obviously lost it with his lofty pretensions . It does'nt jive mate .Write some decent new songs instead of wanting to get the English horn out . Leave the Castle and get back to innovation .Orchestras , musicals,folk music what next Opera ?.. for ****'s sake .I guess it's just laziness and lack of inspiration and the results of a life of luxury edge .I did like a lot of his music at the beginning of his solo career but when you see him being interviewed he takes himself far too serious and acts like a fey elitist. Pity about that. .
    Vicryl 2.0
    As much as i want a new Police album, his solo record will do. best lyricist..
    Listened to some of his stuff. Lol that people can get excited over this rubbish. Geez
    Well, what he did with the Police wasn't rubbish. If his new album is as good as that, it's worth looking forward to.
    'Lol' that you ignorantly call his music 'rubbish' based on 'some of his stuff'. How many songs of his have you heard? Three? Four? His work with Police was great and his first 4 solo albums are second to none in pop music. The subsequent albums have been hit and miss, but still are a million times better than most other contemporary pop.