Stone Sour: Careful On Picking Up Next Single

artist: Stone Sour date: 10/18/2006 category: new releases
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Stone Sour's current single, "Through Glass", is such a huge hit that the group hasn't yet decided on the second single from its recently released sophomore album, "Come What(ever) May". Lead singer Corey Taylor told Launch Radio Networks that the group wants to take its time and make the right choice. "It's a good problem to have," he said. "None of us knew how big 'Through Glass' was gonna be, and it really kind of knocked the wind out of us. Almost invariably, the second single invariably suffers because of that, so we're trying to be really cautious and just try to figure out...but at the end of the day, I mean, we don't wanna do the typical follow-up." Taylor added that either "Made Of Scars" or "Socio" will be the next single from "Come What(ever) May". A video of Stone Sour performing an acoustic version of "Through Glass" is now available online at this location. It was recorded backstage at the Family Values date in Tampa, Florida on September 19. Stone Sour will join Disturbed on this fall's Music As A Weapon tour, which begins on November 15 in Providence, Rhode Island. Stone Sour play their first-ever show in Russia today (Wednesday, October 18) before heading out on a series of European dates. Thanks for the info to
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