Stone Sour Frontman Wants New Album To Be Turned Into A Movie

Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor is looking to the silver screen for the new project as well.

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According to, Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor is eyeing big things. Not only is he ambitious about the band's upcoming two-disc concept album, "House Of Gold & Bones", and the four-part comic book of the same name, he's looking to the silver screen for the new project as well. Corey talked to Artisan News about what the endgame is for "House Of Gold & Bones".

"Once we've toured and we've got the the music out to everyone, the thing I really wanna do is have two movies - Part 1 and Part 2," he said. "With the comic and the story and the music, I think we'll be able to do it. I already know who I wanna talk to about doing it, so we'll see what happens."

Taylor officially announced the comic book version of "House Of Gold & Bones", prior to a signing session at the Dark Horse booth this past Saturday (October 13) at New York Comic Con.

The four-issue series, which will debut on April 17, 2013, will be published by Dark Horse Comics and will visualize the short story that forms the basis of the two-disc album. The first CD, "House Of Gold & Bones Part 1", comes out on October 23, while Part 2 will arrive next spring.

The singer and writer - who published a memoir called "Seven Deadly Sins" last year - told The Pulse Of Radio a bit more about the storyline of "House Of Gold & Bones". "It's essentially a sci-fi/fantasy story that I created, but at its heart, it's essentially about a man, standing at the crossroads of his life, trying to figure out what comes next," he said. "He's got 20, 30 years in front of him - who's he going to be for that 20 or 30 years? Is he going to allow himself to evolve and become a better man, become a different man? And, you know, it's kind of wrapped in this insane world that I created."

The main character is known as "The Human", while a second hero named Peckinpah acts as his mentor. Taylor explained, "He's older and he's trying to help the Human while at the same time not doing everything for him."

The villains of the story are Alan, who Taylor calls "a ball of anger and sarcastic wit who could blow up at any time," and Black John, who has "a dangerous, off-kilter 'God, he's going to destroy us all' vibe."

Stone Sour plans a full multi-media website to promote the albums and comics, which will contain hidden easter eggs such as handwritten lyrics, behind-the-scenes photos and possibly rough drafts of comic art.

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    I applaude Corey for all he is doing with this project but I forsee him milking it dry unless this album is better then "Come Whatever May" (best album imo)
    Personally, I haven't read the comic book, but this makes Stone Sour one of the unique bands out there. May not be the best way to make them unique, but it shows that they're are taking it all seriously, not cutting corners (like auto-tuning or lip-synching...). I know several people would like a Slipknot comic/movie, but I think that the music is the most important thing, and the comic/movie should be of less priority - all about the music. Anyway, great work Stone Sour.
    I'm curious why they went with Dark Horse instead of Image Comics. Image is home to Savage Dragon, Witchblade, Spawn, Invincible, and a rather unknown comic called The Walking Dead. They've published part of the Amory Wars (Coheed & Cambria), the original form of Wanted... Ok, I admit I'm an Image comics fanboy.
    Stone Sour isn't a band I associate with making concept albums, but I love concept albums, so I'm looking forward to this!
    Id rather see a Slipknot movie
    Heard of Voliminal Inside the Nine?
    Yeah I have it. I said MOVIE , not interview/documentary.
    Please explain how you would do a Slipknot movie? Now had you said you would like to see Slipknot put out a movie based on a concept album the band put together that would make more sense. I can't say that I would agree with you though, Clown holds the most say in Slipknot and if he had his way a movie Slipknot were apart of would be like a bad acid trip.
    If they're able to make a comic book and movie with stone sour, why cant they do it with slipknot? I would rather slipknot do it than stonesour. Thats all im sayin.
    Slipknot or Iowa could work as the soundtrack to a movie mos def bro.
    As would I. Stonesour is nothing compared to his work in slipknot. Hail the 9! Er... 8!
    matteo cubano
    So Stone Sour's turning all Green Day on us? That said, I really liked the first album, and kudos to corey, i liked his book. But idk man, he's certainly got a lot to live up to with this album and though I am a huge fan of all of his work, i am a very skeptical person and when ventures like this start taking place, the music gets less pure.
    Does anyone else think he looks like a buff steve carrell in the pic?