Stone Sour Post Official Video for 'Do Me a Favor'

Rockers premiere an intricate new video single off their forthcoming "House of Gold & Bones Part 2" release.

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American rockers Stone Sour have officially unleashed the video for "Do Me A Favor," the previously released single off their forthcoming concept album "House Of Gold & Bones Part 2." Directed by Phil Mucci with a clear Frank Miller's "Sin City" comic book feel to it, the video incorporates several of the concept album's characters in an intricate, yet somewhat confusing storyline. Since the group is planning to release a comic series based on the album, the current approach seems perfectly fitting.

According to frontman Corey Taylor, the video is loosely based on a part of the short story that happens towards the end.

"It's a lot of action and fire. All the main characters are there: The Human, Allen, Peck, Black John and the Numbers... It's a great ride."

The video starts off with a traveler wandering into an abandoned church seeking shelter, showing his demons from the past along the way. With the words "In Domus De Aurum Et Ossium," which is Latin for "In House Of Gold & Bones" depicted throughout the video, the clip is definitely open for various interpretations, already given by some fans in the comments section.

As far as the full album goes, "House of Gold & Bones Part 2" will be released on April 9 via Roadrunner Records and is available for preorder on iTunes. The band is set to embark on a world tour at the beginning of April, stretching all the way to July with a total of around 40 concert dates.

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    At first when I saw Corey Taylor talking about turning HoGaB into a movie it sounded a bit nuts, but now it's all coming together it actually isn't a bad idea at all! This album will be one of the year's best no doubt.
    I stopped relating to Corey Taylor after All Hope Is Gone. It sucks because he was my all time hero. A guy who's been through hell, and wasn't afraid to take you there when we went back. He's done a complete 180, and while I am happy for him, I lost a role model. I hate to say it, but once the mask came off, he sold out. I'll probably get downvotes, but whatever. I'm just speaking the truth. How do you go from "The revolutions of my psychosis kept me outta the way" to "I'm alive in here. So alive in here."?
    His lyrics are as good as ever. And people need to just stop it with the sell-out crap. Corey's ability as a musician and lyricist only got better when the mask came off as he started to branch out and showed he could do so much.
    I'm pretty sure the songs from HoGaB are sung from the perspectives of the different characters in the story-NOT from Corey Taylor's point of view this time around. You'd hope there would be a shift in lyrics and delivery for that, wouldn't you?
    Wow this record is gonna be one for the ages. No doubt. The video is a trip too. Speaking about trippy videos, Device's "Vilify" video is a trip too and they release the record the same day as Stone Sour. Good day for me