Stone Temple Pilots Working on New Music With Steven Tyler

Band posts studio photos, Chester Bennington not mentioned.

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As Chester Bennington is busy with the upcoming Linkin Park record, Stone Temple Pilots clearly have no intention of waiting around, as the band has recently posted studio photos with Aerosmith vocalist Steven Tyler.

"Spending the day recording with Steven Tyler ... What an amazing Sunday it's been!" bassist Robert DeLeo tweeted.

Details of the new project remain unknown, as well as Tyler's status within STP. Stay tuned for more updates and check out the photos DeLeo posted below.

Spending the day recording with @IamStevenT...what an amazing Sunday it's been!!!

- Robert DeLeo (@STPRobertDeLeo) May 5, 2014

Marti Frederiksen joining the pic and manning the board...been a great day with @IamStevenT...

- Robert DeLeo (@STPRobertDeLeo) May 5, 2014

@IamStevenT coming up with some cool things on my Marxophone...

- Robert DeLeo (@STPRobertDeLeo) May 5, 2014

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    Wow, Steven Tyler looks like the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.
    So is this going to be a Stone Temple Pilots thing?? Changing singers every few months?? Didn't Black Sabbath do this during the 80s and 90s??
    These bands are acting like high schoolers posting pictures with their new significant other so everyone (especially their ex) can see.
    it might just be a guest spot on one track. I'm sure Chester isn't all that concerned since his priorities are with LP anyways
    I don't see anything here that suggests anything more than a guest vocalist on a song or two - could be cool, could even be non-STP related. They're just making music, folks, no one said they're breaking up Aerosmith over it. Relax!
    Such a shame. Just form a new band that is unique for having a new singer each album. Leave the STP legacy alone.
    Well we already knew that Steven was fan of Stone Temple Pilots since he idolizes Sex Type Thing, so why not.
    A few thoughts: 1. Just when you thought Steven Tyler couldn't look any more sleazy, he grows a porn-stache. 2. Does Steven Tyler just drag Marti Frederiksen around with him wherever he goes? 3. They should call this.....Steven Tyler Pilots.
    I want Scott back even thought he is kinda of a douche in a way...Tyler must of let himself go with that beard and mustache
    Perhaps they are making a compilation album and want to go back on tour with the news tunes with Chester Bennington at the helm.