STP and Chester Bennington Working on New Material: 'Having a Blast'

Meanwhile, Chester shares a hilarious story about girl fan showing fingers in his mouth and flashing hairy nipples during show.

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Chester Bennington is a busy man these days, as the singer has already jumped back into the Stone Temple Pilots fold, less than mere month after unleashing "The Hunting Party" with Linkin Park.

The news was announced by bassist Robert DeLeo, who stated via Twitter, "Spending the week writing new STP material here at Homefry ... And having a blast." Rob also shared two studio photos, make sure to check them out below.

In related news, Bennington shared a hilarious story from one of the band's performances, involving a girl fan shoving fingers in his mouth and flashing hairy nipples.

"We were doing 'Jimmy Kimmel' with Dead by Sunrise, and I was down in the crowd. I was singing, and this girl took her hand, four fingers, stuck them up to the crease and the thumb, in my mouth. Whoop. All four. Just deep into my mouth."

With Mike Shinoda already laughing quite hard in the background, Chester continued, "And I was just like, [chokes]." "Who does that?!" Mike jokingly asked. "I was: 'One, I'm singing on television; two, I'm singing; three, I have a f--king microphone in my hand and I'm singing on television! What are you doing?!'" Chester continued.

"Even if I wasn't singing. We'd just be, 'Hey, how you doing?' whirl, just shove your f--king hand in somebody's mouth! And then later on, she flashed me and she had hairy wolf nipples! They had teeth and eyes, they were like were-titties. It was horrifying!"

Shinoda nearly dropped on the floor from laughing at this point, so we highly recommend checking out the story below, right at the 0:45 mark.

And finally, some music. The band has unveiled the official footage of "One Step Closer" from KROQ Red Bull Sound Space. Check it out below.

Spending the week writing new #STP material here at HOMeFRY...

- Robert DeLeo (@STPRobertDeLeo) July 10, 2014

And having a blast...

- Robert DeLeo (@STPRobertDeLeo) July 10, 2014

YouTube preview picture
YouTube preview picture

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    They look Stoned in those pics
    Hey- gives me an idea, they could change their name to the STONED Temple Pilots to differentiate it from the real band that Scott is inextricable from.
    Or "Talk Park". They are all about the money now, they came out and said that after firing Scott.
    Say what you want about their music but from that video, Linkin Park actually seem like pretty normal nice dudes.
    Don't know about what the product will sound like but it's good to see them having fun in the process. That's what music should be about, having a good time with mates
    I don't like Chester with STO, honestly, but he seems like the only guy out there suitable enough to replace Scott (Out of Time shows this). By the way, I'm nit saying he's better than Scott or equal even, just suitable. That being said, I wish the DeLeos would reform Army of Anyone
    I really enjoyed Army of Anyone, and really it's almost equivalent to this incarnation of STP imo. STP minus Weiland plus a different talented singer in Richard Patrick
    Pretty stoked for this, Chester really can explode all of his talent in STP
    "Pretty stoked for this, Chester really can explode all of his talent in STP" Worst comment in internet history.
    I don't like Chester with STP. They make great music together. But it's not STP anymore to me. It's starting to sound like the generic modern rock routine to me. And I really gave their "Out of Time" track a listen. I liked it, but I wasn't thinking I was listening to STP at all during the track. Felt like a different band. oh well... Hope the album doesn't spell the end for the STP that I am used to.
    I just disagree with the news title. Chester is a member of STP, right? Therefore, there is no point calling Chester and STP if they are all the same band. Sounds like he's a special guest.
    I think the whole fighting between Weiland and the other guys from STP over getting ownership of the name "Stone Temple Pilots", amongst other things, pretty much means that this group can't just be called "Stone Temple Pilots" and carry on without any further complications. Hence the name, "Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington".
    "having a blast remaining irrelevant."
    kill it
    how many copies did your last album sell
    If that's the argument you're gonna use, then we might as well never have opinions on anything… you ignorant moron and the low-IQ crew that voted you up. You do realize how low minded that argument is, right? Basically what your post said was that if you haven't sold as many albums as so and so has, then you aren't entitled to your opinion even if that opinion is a favorable one. You've discredited your opinion at least as much as you've attempted to discredit mine, since you've exposed yourself as one of the stupid many who revert to that argument when someone says something they don't like. It's ok though… it's common among Lincoln Park fans.