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Meanwhile, Tom Morello and producer Ron Aniello praised the record, calling it "a timeline."

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Bruce Springsteen's new album, "High Hopes," is streaming in full one week ahead of its official release date (January 14th via Columbia), Consequence of Sound reports. Listen to it below. Spanning 12 tracks, Springsteen's follow-up to 2012′s "Wrecking Ball" and 18th studio album to date features a mix of original material, covers, and reworked versions of past songs. It was recorded in New Jersey, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Australia, and New York City and produced by Brendan O'Brien and Ron Aniello. Along with members of the E Street Band, it also features accompaniment from Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello, who toured with the band in Australia and appears on eight tracks. The record highlights a new version of "The Ghost of Tom Joad" featuring a duet with Morello; "American Skin (41 Shots)," which has previously only been released as a live recording; and a cover of Suicide's "Dream Baby Dream." Its preceded by lead single, "High Hopes," which was written by Scott McConnell's band the Havalinas in 1990, and previously covered by Springsteen for his 1996 EP "Blood Brothers." Meanwhile, Tom Morello has spoken (via NME) about his involvement in "High Hopes," saying the album "feels like a timeline." The Rage Against The Machine guitarist filled in for the E Street Band's Steven Van Zandt on Springsteen's Australian tour, and Morello then went on to sing and plays on eight songs on the band's new album "High Hopes." Speaking to Rolling Stone about the experience, Morello said: "While the writing of the songs may be pretty eclectic, it feels like a pretty cohesive whole to me. It feels like such an honor to be part of a Bruce Springsteen record. I played on 'Wrecking Ball,' but I'm playing a lot and singing on this one. Duetting too." Asked about how he came to play on a new version of the album's title track, Morello said: "In December of 2012 I was driving around Los Angeles and listening to E Street Radio on SiriusXM. The song "High Hopes" came on and I had heard it before, but I was reminded of what a jam it was. I thought that might be a fun one to play. So in the middle of the night I sat in my driveway and I texted Bruce and said, 'What do you think about 'High Hopes' for the upcoming thing?' He put that in the set. It just felt like a potential riff-rocker. It felt like it was a little in my wheelhouse of riffage, and I thought it would just be fun to rock out." In the separate interview, producer Ron Aniello recently said of the album: "It was unusual in the fact that [Springsteen] was on tour. There were a lot of conversations in Europe and I did some of the recording via iChat when the band was in Australia. We just didn't have the same amount of time we had for 'Wrecking Ball.' We had a block of time for that and there was consistency. This was more put together between his stops." Pre-orders for the album are ongoing. Below, watch the lyric video for "High Hopes."

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    matteo cubano
    Not quite as good as Wrecking Ball. But that was because he was exploring new waters I think and this is not really anything new. Still not bad by any means, I'm nodding my head. Hopefully it grows on me
    matteo cubano
    not digging all the electronic additions to the songs. Down in the hole would be so great if they didn't have the vocal effect and that synth thing. This isn't a korn record for God's sakes
    I thought it was slightly better than Wrecking Ball, but the last album of his that I really liked was Magic, and that might be my love of Tom Morello's playing affecting my opinion but I enjoyed this version of High Hopes more than the one on the Blood Brothers EP, It was nice to hear Clarence and Danny on record one last time too. That said I think the studio version of 41 Shots sucks compared to the Live In NYC version. It's nice that the Springsteen/Morello version of Tom Joad finally got a studio version. I love how Bruce used "****" in a song again, so edgy. But as with Wrecking Ball why he is using so many digital effects on the vocals is beyond me, I guess he's trying to connect with the youth.