Stream David Draiman's Entire Device Album

The Disturbed frontman is excited about his new industrial band called Device, and has posted their new album in full to stream online. Listen here and tell us what you think.

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The new album by Disturbed frontman David Draiman's side-project Device is streaming in full online.

You can hear the self-titled album in the player below if you want to hear their blend of industrial metal and hard rock.

The new band is something of a metal supergroup; Evanescence drummer Will Hunt and Dope guitarist Virus are in the lineup, and Draiman co-wrote the album with help from Filter's Geno Lenardo.

"I'm very excited about this record. This time, all of the elements were much more in my control," Draiman told Noisecreep who premiered the album stream.

The album will be available on Warner from April 9, and you can catch them live if you dig it. Check out the tour dates below.

Stream the new Device album here:

Device Tour Dates:

04/10 - Mobile, AL - Soul Kitchen 04/12 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Culture Room 04/13 - Orlando, FL - Tinker Field - WJRR Earth Day Birth Day 04/14 - Ft. Myers, FL - Fort Rock Festival 04/16 - Destin, FL - Club LA 04/17 - Huntsville, AL - Sammy T's 04/20 - Tyler, TX - Click's 04/21 - Lubbock, TX - Lonestar Amphitheatre - KFMX Show 04/23 - Dallas, TX Trees 04/25 - Houston, TX - Scout Bar 04/26 - Beaumont, TX - The Gig 04/28 - Jacksonville, FL - Welcome to Rockville Festival 04/30 - New Orleans, LA - House of Blues 05/01 - Little Rock, AR Juanitas 05/03 - Atlanta, GA Centerstage 05/04 - Rockingham, NC - Carolina Rebellion Festival


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    Haven't listened yet, does he say wah-ah-ah-ah-oww! on this? I hope so, Draiman doesn't do that nearly enough!
    Meh. Same shit in a new (albeit more annoying) package. Draiman isn't shit as a vocalist. It's only that year-by-year he turns out more predictable.
    Couldn't agree more. It seems like there's no range as far as his style. I've lost interest in Disturbed due to it being the same ol' thing every time. This time you have a totally different band backing him and it all seems dull and like you said, "predictable".
    damn you hit that right on the nail. he always sounds the same. he might as well go back to disturbed hed make more money. its not like hes doing anything different except playing with musicians that he doesnt have a very good chemistry with.
    Draiman has a very "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentallity when it comes to writing music.
    Does Draiman even know how to make other songs? Every single song he's on starts with a very generic quick plucked riff, with similar vocals that go with said riff, which will then end of a strung out vocal bit (eg. And I'm coming for yooooouuuuu) which will continue like that for a bit doing much more melodic stuff, and then end with some Ooos and Ahhs ... Like, he didn't even try naming the band something remotely different ....
    its okay its not as good as believe or anything. no real memorable hooks or melodies or that tight rhythmic sound of disturbed. its good but will be lost in the sea of mediocre albums
    This album gets a big meh/10 from me. Draiman is a good singer, but WHY do all his songs sound the same since Believe? Hell, Darkness was the first time he stepped out of his comfort zone and it was amazing, but this is all exactly the same shit. Also, he compared him doing Device to Maynard doing A Perfect Circle outside of Tool. If he is so arrogant to think this is anywhere near as original and fresh as APC sounded (and still sounds), then, I'm sorry to say, he is a fool.
    I don't think (hope not anyway) that he's actually comparing his new band to A Perfect Circle. Also, I agree that "Darkness" was a great song, one of my favorites. If I ever have someone say to me that all of Disturbed is generic and the same, I point them to that song.
    The instruments are so well produced, and the music could be fantastic, but David doesn't know how to sing anything else.
    Holy sh*t...Out of line with Butler and Serj sound pretty awesome! Anyway...This album rocks
    The songs with the guests are quite good, all the other songs are as limp as it gets. Not as good as I was expecting but not bad either
    Le Fantome
    Seems like Disturbed, only with keyboards, and less of the genuinely enjoyable solos and hooks. Kinda sad, because David is a great vocalist really, and would be amazing if he did something interesting.
    It kind of sounds like he doesn't quite know what to sing. It's like he's almost improvising. Kind of sad, because the instrumentals are pretty grooving.
    Eh. I don't know. His vocals on the first track don't have the punch that you'd expect from his type of voice.
    I'm gonna be different and say I really like the album. I liked Disturbed's more Industrial edge that they had in the beginning, but they lost it. And now Device brings it back. One of the main reasons I like Disturbed in the first place is for David's vocals. It may sound the same on all of his material, but it's a singing voice. I don't know what everyone is expecting from him. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing what Device does in the future while I wait for Disturbed to come back.
    Will be cool to see him as a guest singer on the new Megadeth album
    Uhh, Draiman is not providing guest vocals to Megadeth's new album... only songwriting credits/vocal tips. This was covered earlier in the week. But yeah, this isn't as bad vocally as Disturbed, but it's still those vocals . That "BuhBuhBuh Bum Buh BumBumBum" formula is just sooo ****ing lame.
    uhh actually it was announced that he is providing guest vocals on dancing in the rain on the new megadeth album...
    Everything this guy touches turns to shit!! Huge thumbs down on this
    god the vocals are just terrible...the single You Think You Know is just about the worst thing I can think of...Justin Beiber has more talent than that.
    Nothing about this is Industrial. May Throbbing Gristle have mercy on your souls, heretics.
    As much as it pangs "hard rock/metal fans" to hear it, the music is catchy. The song Haze has a crazy catchy chorus. I don't really understand why this needed to come from "Device" instead of Disturbed, but Draiman's right, if it ain't broke don't fix it.