Suicide Silence Releasing New Album 'You Can't Stop Me' in July

Band's first record after Mitch Lucker's death coming in mid-July, details inside.

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Suicide Silence have officially announced July 15 as the release date of their new album "You Can't Stop Me," their first studio effort since the death of singer Mitch Lucker.

Produced by Steve Evetts (Sepultura, Dillinger Escape Plan), the album will drop via Nuclear Blast and feature new vocalist Hernan "Eddie" Hermida, formerly of All Shall Perish.

"The long and short of it is this," guitarist Mark Heylmun stated. "Mitch left behind a set of lyrics with the title 'You Can't Stop Me'. This gave us chills, to say the least, and we knew we had the title and title track. This filled us with inspiration for writing sessions to empower us and empower you, the supporters of Suicide Silence.

"We as a band (and Steve Evetts) worked tirelessly on this record and I'm not gonna say we can't wait for you to hear it. I'm gonna tell you that you have to hear it. You have to sit and listen from start to finish," he continued.

"I'm not gonna tell you this is our best record we've ever done. I'm gonna tell you this is the record we care more about than any record we've ever done. This is a record that we fought, bled, sweated, and f--king cried over. Go pick up a copy and turn this sucker up to eleven. We couldn't be more excited. Thank you all for supporting Suicide Silence," the release concludes.

The band made their first US performance with Hermida yesterday (April 23) at Revolver Golden Gods Awards alongside Soulfly mainman Max Cavalera.

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    Well I'm pretty sure a bottle of alcohol, a motorbike and a streetlight pole stopped their last vocalist..
    Not a fan of their music, but I'm happy to see they're continuing. The new vocalist has a nice T-shirt.
    Still can't believe in Mitch's passing :/. R.I.P Man! But I'm still glad the band are going on! Love these guys. Wonder what to make of the record without him!
    I might sound like a complete d-bag saying this, but the guy was drunk and decided to take a spin on his motorcycle, against his wife's wishes, while their kid was with them. Am I the only one that thinks that his selfishness kinda brought him to his demise? It's sad when anyone dies but the real tragedy is that he left behind a wife and a young child all because he decided to go for a cruise while he was intoxicated.
    It's not being a d-bag when you're completely right.
    I just felt like since he's dead, I might come off as disrespectful. But it kinda bugs me that his fans hail him as a sort of hero when the fact of the matter is that he made a stupid choice, and now his wife and daughter are left to fend for themselves. That's hardly heroic.
    I am a fan of Suicide Silence, but it was his fault that he went drink driving. Like the others have said, you are right, but the problem is the fans of the band, or of Lucker, who don't really want to admit it was his own doing in the end. He may be seen as heroic for what he has actually done, when alive. The band's music may have chagned people's lives, etc. that's what can be considered heroic, not how he died.
    You don't sound like one at all man. It's true. His selfish actions did bring himself to an end. He shouldn't have done what he did.
    Lets just admit it SS is not ever going to be the same. But I tip my hat to the members that wanna keep on movin on.
    All bands will change eventually, no matter if the band members remain the same. If the members are the same, there are cases where they can't return back to their old style without being sell outs. Either Eddie will have to pretty much copy Lucker's sound and everything to keep SS fans happy, or he will introduce his sound to the band which may lead to fans going 'SS has died' or 'Eddie's sht', etc. Either way, there'll always be people who aren't pleased.
    Something I've found about suicide silence since the passing and eddies induction is people who appear to be older and fans of the band from before the black crown longer seem to enjoy eddies vocals and don't have a problem with him. Yet people who only heard of them at Mitches Passing and are very young dislike it and claim it will never be the same. So really they aren't missing out. Like when Dio took over from Ozzy it was different but wasn't bad. When Sammy Hagar took over from David Lee Roth it was a change but didn't sound awful. Bands change a lot new vocalists, guitarists, drummers, it helps them develop as musicians plus Eddie does have brilliant vocals. Better than Mitch in my opinion he has better range and seems to be able to sustain longer as well.
    I'm very curious to hear the new stuff. I'm confident it will be very solid. I thought that their first three albums had each gotten progressively better, little by little, and would have continued with or w/o Mitch. Eddie is a great vocalist, became a fan of All Shall Perish a few years ago. Even though it's gonna be awesome to hear him with SS, I am still very dissapointed about him parting ways with ASP. They, imo, are a much more interesting, well-rounded band, and now Eddie's awesomeness will lie with SS, I suppose we'll have to accept it...
    Very keen to hear this new album, all of them are really friendly and sick guys and I'm glad they are continuing on. having a beer with them at a signing in Melbourne during Soundwave this year proved how cool they are !!!