Surviving Doors Members Appearing on New Foo Fighters Album

Meanwhile, producer Butch Vig shares album update, more inside.

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Surviving members of the legendary Doors, drummer John Densmore and guitarist Robby Krieger, are set to appear the upcoming Foo Fighters album "Sonic Highways," Examiner reports.

As reported, the album was recorded in eight cities across the States, so it's safe to assume that Densmore and Krieger come as representatives of Los Angeles.

The list of previously confirmed guests includes Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick rocking the opening track "Something From Nothing," Joe Walsh of the Eagles, Joan Jett, and the New Orleans Preservation Jazz Hall Band.

In related news, producer Butch Vig shared a few comments on the album-making process, praising frontman Dave Grohl's love for life and music.

"I love Dave like a crazy brother," Butch told 93 XRT. "I don't know anyone who has such infectious enthusiasm for life and for music... [The Foos] are capable of doing what they want to do, and we decided to make this record in eight different cities. The band wrote eight songs and we recorded them all in eight different locales in the U.S.

"Part of the documentary is about the recording of the song and a lot of it is about he musical history of that city... And it's also about what it means to the Foos and to Dave. He taps into what each city musically, personally means him. Each city truly had it's own experience. One of the cool things about the album is... each song has that city's sound to a certain extent and definitely the environment we recorded in. Each song is it’s own unique beast," the producer added.

"Sonic Highways" is due out on November 10. Pre-order the album here.

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    Just when I thought this album couldn't get any more hype. November 10th cant come quickly enough.
    There's so much hype for this thing.. I just hope it sounds good to match the atleast bit of the hype.
    Floyd Phoenix
    Wasn't there some joke on the last Foo's article about Dave accepting the challenge of raising the hype further...? Yeah, that.
    Yeah, it was my reply to rabidgoon 's comment. As you can see, I wasn't joking. I actually interviewed Dave. He's a swell guy.
    This album has a nice buzz going about it. That's pretty rare to say nowadays. Can't wait.
    Mr Grohl, leave other musicians alone. Pretty sick of you now.
    Are you serious? I'm pretty sure the other musicians are thrilled to collaborate or they wouldn't be doing it
    How is this what you're complaining about? I'm not even a Foo Fighters fan, but god ****ing damnit dude you are dumb. Dave isn't holding them at gunpoint to play on his stuff. They are musicians, he probably just asked if they would like to play on his next album and they said yes. Done. FFFFFU...
    Just like when The Doors surviving members made a guest appearance on a Skrillex song, some musicians are just looking for a payday and a chance to regain the spotlight in the twilight period of their careers. Look at the list of guest appearances, it's probably the same for all of them. If he did an album with David Thomas or Mark Stewart or the surviving members of Can with Steve Albini producing I would be impressed rather than getting washed-up former celebrity musicians. Though, to be fair David hasn't released anything worthwhile in years, Mark Stewart is catering to japanese fans now, Can stopped being good after Damo left, and Steve Albini ruined every good record he touched with his thin and muddy production with the only saving grace being the talent of the bands he produced.
    I've been pondering on this comment for 10 minutes and I've come to the conclusion that it makes absolutely no sense.
    You guys are hyping this album up to the point where it can't possibly meet your expectations. i can already see it now the album will find moderate sucess have maybe 2-3 hits on the radio and all the comments on the internet are going to be mostly negative saying it was a disappointment. this isn't a prediction either, it's a spoiler. Step right up and place your bets now ladies and gentlemen. mark my words.
    Dave Grohl is getting like the guy sticking his finger in everybody's food and saying, " gonna eat that?" Good grief man, take a break.
    He's always singing about learning something, learning how to fly learning how to walk, why doesn't he learn how to write a song that doesn't blow camel balls