Swallow The Sun: New Album Title Revealed

Back in December 2007, Juha Raivio and Matti Honkonen of SWALLOW THE SUN recently took part in sounds2move.de's 2007 Christmas special.

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Finnish doom metallers Swallow The Sun have issued the following update:

"First of all, we want to thank everyone for making year 2007 such an amazing year for Swallow The Sun. We played almost 100 gigs supporting the album Hope, including two European tours, our first North American tour and a mini-tour in Spain and Portugal. We had an honour to play huge festivals outside Finland, such as Wacken Open Air, Summer Breeze, With Full Force and Metal Heart Festival. We also shot two videos, for 'Don't Fall Asleep' and 'Doomed To Walk The Earth'.

"'Hope' got some good positions in yearly readers' and critics' polls, including the third position in Best Metal Album series in Soundi magazine critics' poll. We were voted also in many other music magazine's readers' polls for the best band and album of 2007, with the charts consisting mainly of mainstream artists in Finland. We won the 'Mttfemma' category in Femmagaala awards in Finland.

"So, big thanks to all you who made it worth it by coming to see us on tour, buying the album and making it enter the national Finnish charts on position #3 and being so nice to us where ever we went.

"Alright, about the dark future: We are now rehearsing new music and enter studio this spring to record the next SWALLOW THE SUN release called 'Plague Of Butterflies' that will be released later this year. We will give you more news about this new opus soon and what it will be...

"The plague is coming, people, the plague is coming."

Back in December 2007, Juha Raivio and Matti Honkonen of Swallow The Sun recently took part in sounds2move.de's 2007 Christmas special. They spoke about their most memorable moments of 2007 and discussed their plans for the future.

Thanks for the info to Metalfromfinland.com.

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    I think im pretty set in my ways with Morning never came. I hope this one is better.
    I cant wait, All Their stuff is so badass, every riff is awesome, morning never came, ghosts of loss, hope, even their 2 covers, Solitude and These Low Lands were amazing this one will be awesome as well