Switchfoot: New LP Next Spring?

Switchfoot is eyeballing a spring 2009 release for its next album.

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Amid a flurry of group and individual projects, Switchfoot is eyeballing a spring 2009 release for its next album -- the San Diego rockers first since 2006's "Oh! Gravity" and since leaving Columbia to start its own label, the ATO-distributed Lowercase People Records.

Switchfoot has been working in a studio it constructed in San Diego, chronicling some of the sessions via webcam on its Web site. "There are so many different directions we can go in," frontman Jon Foreman tells Billboard.com. "One of the songs has a (Led) Zeppelin feel. One of them has more of a Devo feel. So it's Led Devo, or something along those lines. I feel like the headspace we're in now, the glass ceiling's been shattered. We're excited to see how far we can take this thing."

Foreman says Switchfoot has tried working with several producers, including Failure's Ken Andrews and Charlie Peacock, but ultimately decided to produce the album itself. "I feel like we've got a fairly firm grip on what we want do," Foreman says, "and I feel like we can get there on our own."

Switchfoot may have some new material to showcase when it sets out on the Music Builds Tour, a 23-show road trip supporting Habitat For the Humanity that includes fellow faith-based groups Third Day, Robert Randolph & the Family Band and Jars Of Clay. It kicks off Aug. 21 in Clarkston, Mich. The band has also taken an active role in helping Columbia compile a greatest hits album for release this fall, which will likely include "This Is Home," Switchfoot's contribution to the soundtrack of "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian."

"We want to make sure if it's got our name on it (that) it's a product we like," Foreman says, "so we're trying to steer (Columbia) in the right direction."

Foreman, meanwhile, has been busy on his own. He recently completed a series of four seasonal-themed EPs and is allowing fans to help him choose their favorite tracks for a compilation, "Limbs and Branches," that's also expected out this fall.

And he and Nickel Creek's Sean Watkins are putting the finishing touches on the first album by their side project, Fiction Family, which they hope to get out before the end of the year in front of an early 2009 tour.

Credits for the report to Billboard.com.

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    NightEmbers wrote: for a band with three guitarist I hoped they were going be alot better, but I'd rather take jade puget over them three anyday
    yeah but jade plays a totally different kind of guitar to them, and afi totally different music. and normally Switchfoot's 3rd guitarist just plays keyboard, only playing guitar on a few live songs. Switchfoot rule, can't wait for the new album. Hopefully live up to all their others.
    i'm excited for the new record. they've been in the studio all summer long with a webcam set up for us fans to see them hard at work. keep it up switchfoot!
    Switchfoot is amazing. All their stuff is great and I'm sure this new one will be too
    Love this band! Nothing is sound and Learning To Breathe are there best but I really like everything they put out. People always say that Beautiful Letdown is so much better than there other albums but its not, you just need a more open mind for albums like New way to be human and oh gravity, and most people don't have that. Rock on guys!
    for a band with three guitarist I hoped they were going be alot better, but I'd rather take jade puget over them three anyday
    I'm excited! Foreman's solo stuff has been awesome but it'll be good to have a new Switchfoot cd.
    I think they will go back to their old style they had because they are away from Columbia. This new album should be quite different and even more creative than the last ones. Oh! Gravity was super creative I thought and I think they can do even better with the next one. I'm glad they've been keeping so busy too. Great guys.
    Beautiful Letdown? No...they had much more innovative albums before that. Just look at New Way To Be Human and Learning To Breathe, but anyways, I'm personally hoping that they go back to a style they had on earlier albums...the new material is just a little too out there for me sometimes.
    WillEaton wrote: one of the best christian mainstream crossover bands ever
    Awesome i cant wait. Great music and great people in general. They are all so energetic.