Taddy Porter: Upcoming Video Premier On UG

artist: Taddy Porter date: 03/05/2010 category: new releases

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Ultimate-Guitar.com is proud to present the music video premier from the up-and-coming band, Taddy Porter. These guys are simply a rock band one that knows how to live in a groove, emote feeling, and draw in all those that encounter their passion. The quartet's roots have their foundation in Stillwater, Oklahoma, with branches that have begun to stretch throughout mid-America and the South. Since October 2007, Andy Brewer (lead vocals / guitar), Joe Selby (lead guitar / backing vocals), Doug Jones (drums) and Kevin Jones (bass) have been collaborating to create timeless, undeniable rock songs that have found fans all across the country. The band's debut is filled with tracks that are reminiscent of the qualities that made classic rock thrive in its first incarnation. Lead single "Shake Me" is an energy packed anthem that according to Andy, "once people know the words, all you gotta do is dance." The track "Long Slow Drag" is a big ballad that lyrically Doug shares, "everyone can relate to. We have all had to leave someone at some point in time, and this is about enjoying the time you have." The song "Big Enough" as Doug offers, "is like medicine. Love has its ups and downs, Mostly downs, so if you think you can handle it saddle up and let's try. I like this song because it just flat out says what most people are thinking. Don't waste my time, and if you think you can handle me then I am willing to give it a try." Joe adds, "It is one of my favorite tracks on the album, it has a weird time signature in the intro (11/8 for all of you keeping score). The first like of the chorus is Let's try love,' which pretty much sums up our message as a band." The name Taddy Porter to the band members reflects the images and thoughts they hope fans will think of when the moniker is spoken. They share words that include class, genuine, and enduring, and thoughts along the lines of having a good time. Andy sums it up best in simply offering, "Life, Love, and Fun!" Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to see their big debut, right here, on Ultimate-Guitar.com on March, 22nd!
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