Ted Nugent Details New Album 'Shutup&Jam,' Confirms July Release

Uncle Ted to unleash his first studio record in seven years on July 8, tour details also announced.

Ultimate Guitar

Ted Nugent has officially shared details of his brand new record "Shutup&Jam," confirming July 8 release via Frontiers Records.

Uncle Ted's first studio effort in seven years will feature bassist Greg Smith, drummer Mick Brown and guitarist/vocalist Derek St. Holmes. As the official release reads, Sammy Hagar has also made an appearance on the "She's Gone" track.

"Sammy Hagar sings his balls off on 'She's Gone' and Derek St. Holmes proves once again that the Motor City produces not just the greatest guitar grind masterlicks ever but one of the most powerful soul voices of all time on 'Everything Matters!' Unleashing early July 2014. Read 'em & weep! Shutup&Jam! you know who I am, you know where I stand, so Shutup&Jam! I am!" Nugent stated.

Selling over 40 million records in his career, Ted has recently marked his 6,500th live performance, a feat only possible through a lifetime of hectic tour schedules.

Nugent has also announced a two-month summer tour across the US. Check out the new front cover below.

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    Too bad he can't take his own advice and shutup
    My thoughts exactly. Also what's up with those song titles? A 12 year old could've come up with those titles.
    Thrash Addict
    Yeah he's an draft dodging, petaphilish ******* but you cant deny his guitar playing skills. PS. Fuck Obama
    Even though he hasnt made a new album in seven years, UG makes sure Ted Nudget stays relevant. Thanks UG!
    See, this is the Ted Nugent I can respect. The one who will shut his mouth and play the guitar instead of talking about shit that libertarian think tanks churn out in interviews. Keep it up, fella.