Ted Nugent Returning To Studio After Six Years

Guitar icon set to hit the studio for the first time since 2007.

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Guitar icon Ted Nugent has officially announced that he is preparing to enter the studio to start working on a new album, the first one since 2007's "Love Grenade".

In a recent interview with Classic Rock Revisited, the guitarist revealed he is more than anxious to get the recording under way, adding that he is "confident there will be a new killer record."

"God knows we are eating our hearts out and busting our ass to get back into the studio to capture the new songs I am creating these days. I am confident there will be a new killer record ASAP."

The release will also feature vocalist Derek St. Holmes, who rejoined Nugent two years ago after appearing on some of the classic tracks such as "Cat Scratch Fever" and 1975's "Stranglehold".

"Derek and the boys and I are humping madly to jam up a storm, working on my new tunes. I am certain real hard rock soul music lovers will love them."

Nuge's conservative political views are often known to overshadow his musical career. In the most recent controversial statement regarding the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez the guitarist commented that "all dictators, tyrants, slave-drivers and despots should die ASAP."

On balancing both of his life roles, Nugents said: "My duty as a we the people participant is also more important now than ever when hero warriors of the US Military are sacrificing everything for the US Constitution and The American Way while the corruption, abuse of power and sheer criminality by the current gang of soulless elected punks in office rip us off worse than ever. The power of defiance in my music comes from the absolute American freedoms that I fight constantly for. And I am turning up the heat on all fronts more every day, thank you."

The new album will mark the 14th release in the Nugent catalogue. His latest studio effort, "Love Granade," recorded low sales in 2007 with approximately 3,600 copies sold within the first week, debuting at No. 186 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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    A non-politically related article about Ted Nugent? What be this witchcraft?!
    Yet UG had to bring up politics in it, and I bet that most of the people who down-voted the article did so on a political basis.
    He's gotten off his ass...holy shit !!
    Wont be purchasing Teds new album. Always looked at Ted as more of an entertainer than a serious writer/musician. I mean how can you take a guy who writes songs like "Wango Tango" & "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang", seriously....on a serious note Peter Banks, original Yes guitarist has passed...now that guy could play/write...
    I dunno... Ted can play. He just has out dated things to say. The song Love Grenade to me was In My Time Of Dying sped up and not nearly as memorable.
    You think it's him being funny but really that's ted's more serious side.
    Hey what can I say, wango tango and wang dang sweet poontang. That's serious business. Whatever the hell it means haha
    I facepalmed so hard it left a mark. It kinda itches now. I'm not against civil discourse with reasonable, intellectual conservative minded people, but idiots like this give the right a bad name. I'm openly left-wing, big shocker from the guy with the Rage av, but I acknowledge the necessity of opposing opinions in political discourse. Loud-mouth hyperbolic crackpots like Ted Nugent just stir up a load of crap to get attention for themselves and really are just damaging the reputation of their own political views. As for his music who gives a rats, if it was worth paying any attention to he wouldn't be making incendiary statements every five seconds.
    I personally am a huge fan of Ted's music, not a fan at all of his political views, and yet what you're saying makes all the sense in the world to me. Thank you.
    This is probably going to get down-voted, but here it goes: I really do NOT understand why Ted is crazy for ranting, writing music and talking about his political views from stage (which I don't even agree with completely), but its ok for bands like RATM and Greenday to rant all they want about how bad America is and how we're killing innocent people and blah blah blah. Really I just want to know why it is that most people who claim to be "liberal" or "Left-wing" and "tolerant" are completely intolerant of people who don't completely agree with their personal views and understandings of our political system. Ted has a right to say whatever the heck he wants just as you guys have a right to rail on him for no real reason. that is all.
    He is a draft dodger,he cheats on his wife,and he became the legal guardian of an underage girl so he could have sex with her.And then he has the nerve to act like he is Captain America.Hypocrisy is why I don't like Ted.I certainly don't agree with all of RATM and Green Days comments either,they rail against how corrupt America is,yet they still live here and are still willing to make every dollar that they can.More hypocrisy.
    On stage political rant are less hypocrisy, more PR and propaganda for a political standpoint they belong to. Nothing more than a teenage girl standing up in a cafe to rant about team edward. Or Sarah Palin.
    I agree with most of what you're saying and understand exactly why people don't like him, and I'm happy you understand the hypocrisy of the place, it just bothers me.
    'tolerance' does not mean not criticizing people. Just as Nugent has his right to free speech, we have the right to call that speech what it is: stupid. 'Intolerance' would be an active attempt to suppress his speech. That's far different than allowing him to speak and then calling him a moron when he does.
    Well, being tolerant does not mean tolerating intolerance or ridiculous overly-emotional "talking points" that someone pulls out of their ass. It doesn't mean being a pussy who won't call people on their bullshit "arguements." Not that some of the people who claim to be on the left aren't equally stupid, but I hope you understand the above.
    I understand exactly what you're saying and completely disagree! You have the right to you opinion and so does he. I hate the fact that most people here are willing to go along with the hypocrisy of this whole system. Its just follow the leader, I don't agree with Ted on a lot of things, but I respect his opinion and his ability to think for himself.
    I don't disagree that he's free to have his opinion and share it, but others have the right to have an opinion on his views as well. No one should be legitimately punished or something for having an opinion, and there's a point where I'd agree it goes beyond criticism. Someone is also free to share their opinion on your opinion though.
    Say what you want about the guy. I dont agree with him in the slightest politically speaking. But I also don't think a guy like Ted is really going to take a bunch of bullshit on a forum "to heart". Far as Im concerned, speak freely. I think there were once 55 men who had that same standpoint.
    I think we should definitely give him a chance and not focus on the crap he tells all the time. If he manages to deliver something as powerful as Stranglehold he can talk crap all he wants as far as I'm concerned
    Watch me shit my pants so I can get out of military duty. I've seen him in concert twice and the last time was the last time. Got tired of his political rants during the show and I can't help but think this album would be nothing but political rants. He sure kept his mouth shut when the last batch of yahoos ran the white house. Where was his discourse when "W" had an assault weapons ban? Where was his ass when the Patriot Act was passed? Where was his mouth when we invaded Iraq based on false and misleading intelligence? When did he shout out over all the embassy killings prior to Benghazi??? Fuckin' stupid ass that is Ted Nugent.
    Although I strongly agree with everything you just said, can we keep this thread more about the new album? Believe me im open to trashing anything and everything overlooked during the Dick and Bush era somewhere else. But this is about his album mainly, his retardation second.
    I don't like to let the way artists act affect the way I view their art. I'm pretty excited to see ol' Teddy return to the studio.
    I like Ted Nugent's political views, but I like his music too. I'm curious to see what he can come up with as he's a great guitar player.
    Trailer parks everywhere rejoice about how they're finally gonna have ballads for when they ''tayke bakk the ****ree''
    I do love Holmes voice, and actually prefer it if Ted just plays guitar and Holmes sing. Love Grenade had some good guitar work on it, but it was nothing special. I could see myself maybe liking a couple of songs of this.
    Why hasn't he done a TED talk yet?
    Although I can appreciate the pun (it would be kinda funny seeing it as a headline somewhere) TED talk is for smart people. Uncle Teddy's a great musician. But he's got about the brains of a large boulder, or a brick, or Sarah Palin for that matter.