Ted Nugent Set to Perform His 6,500th Live Show, Announces New Album and Tour

Say what you want about Uncle Ted, but these figures are impressive.

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Controversial rocker Ted Nugent has officially confirmed he'll be making his 6,500th live performance this summer as a part of upcoming "Shutup & Jam!" US tour.

Marking the milestone, Uncle Ted will release a new album, also titled "Shutup & Jam!" later this year via Frontiers Records.

With 37 records under his belt, the Nuge has sold over 40 million albums over the past five decades, constantly touring with fury. Say what you want about old Uncle Ted and his rants, but these figures are impressive.

"Though we can all agree that music is the ultimate communication, killer rock 'n' roll is also the ultimate soul cleansing distraction from everyday life," Nugent stated via official website. "I predict the most fun tour of our lives. Politics be damned! SHUTUP & JAM!"

The trek will kick off on July 3 in Wichita Falls with the lineup consisting of Nugent, Greg Smith on bass guitar, Wild Mick Brown on drums, and Derek St. Holmes on vocals and rhythm guitar.

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    "I predict the most fun tour of our lives. Politics be damned! SHUTUP & JAM!" This is a Ted Nugent I can respect.
    He wouldn't be so bad if the would shut the hell up with the political crap once in a while. At this point I couldn't care less what he is doing.
    Despite the public controversies, Nugent's a rock and roll legend, through and through. Definitely looking forward to a new album! EDIT: Surely the public controversies just add more to the rock and roll spirit, no?
    Hopefully it's not more recycled Led Zeppelin riffs like Love Grenade.
    Funny that so many have hated him politically, but so far, he's been right about everything with Obama.