Ted Nugent to Release Live Album

"Ultralive Ballisticrock" marks Nugent's first live album since 2009's "Motor City Mayhem."

Ultimate Guitar

Ted Nugent will release a new live album on Oct. 22, Ultimate Classic Rock reports. It will feature Derek St. Holmes, who sang in the Motor City Madman's band from 1975 to 1978. "Ultralive Ballisticrock" marks Nugent's first live album since 2009's "Motor City Mayhem."

The double album will be available in three versions, including a two-disc-one-DVD set and a DVD/Blu-ray featuring the concert, which was recorded on Aug. 14, 2011, at Penn's Peak in Pennsylvania. The concert was streamed live on cable television via HDNet.

The 16-song set includes Nugent classics like "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang," "Dog Eat Dog" and "Cat Scratch Fever," as well as the recent "I Still Believe," which was previously available only as a digital download.

"Ultralive Ballisticrock" is also Nugent's first live album to feature St. Holmes, Nugent's original rhythm guitarist and singer, since he rejoined the rocker's band in 2011 (he's guested on several records over the years). Nugent's group also includes bassist Greg Smith (Rainbow) and drummer Mick Brown (Dokken).

"To be surrounded by such world-class passionate virtuosos is every musician's dream," Nugent says in a press release announcing the album. "And I live it every song, every concert, every night, every lick, every tsunami of soul sweat."

Ted Nugent's "Ultralive Ballisticrock" tracklist

1. Free for All 2. Stormtroopin' 3. Wango Tango 4. Just What the Doctor Ordered 5. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang 6. Need You Bad 7. Turn It Up 8. Raw Dogs & War Hogs 9. Dog Eat Dog 10. Hey Baby 11. Fred Bear 12. I Still Believe 13. Motorcity Madhouse 14. Cat Scratch Fever 15. Stranglehold 16. Great White Buffalo

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    Where did this guy get off to? Thank Dad (God to the rest of ya) I can watch YouTube and see the Madman when he was kickin ass and not shooting his mouth off about politics.
    That tail he's wearing... Ted's a furry, ain't he? Damn furries...
    Still playing the same old songs because they're the only ones that the stupid red necks know. Ted is better than that.
    He already did Double Live Gonzo with many of those songs... he should have done a live album with different releases.
    Damn two years to release a concert? I guess we'll see a flood of anti-government quotes from Ted.