Tesseract: Entire New Album 'Altered State' Available For Streaming

artist: TesseracT date: 05/13/2013 category: new releases
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Tesseract: Entire New Album 'Altered State' Available For Streaming
"Altered State," the second full-length album from the UK progressive rock band TesseracT, can be streamed in its entirety in the YouTube clip below (via Blabbermouth). Due on May 27 throughout Europe and May 28 in North America via Century Media Records, the CD - which is divided into four movements - "Of Matter," "Of Mind," "Of Reality" and "Of Energy" - is, in its purest form, about the transformations the band has gone through over the past few years. Comments TesseracT: "The concept behind the presentation of 'Altered State' is very simple. It is about change, and how life is change. We have been through a very difficult period of time over the last few years. It is a miracle that the band has survived. I feel it is the ability to step back and see everything for what it is (hence the 'Perspective' EP) that has allowed us to get on with life and try to enjoy it. Reality is change." "Altered State" track listing: 01. Of Matter - Proxy 02. Of Matter - Retrospect 03. Of Matter - Resist 04. Of Mind - Nocturne 05. Of Mind - Exile 06. Of Reality - Eclipse 07. Of Reality - Palingenisis 08. Of Reality - Calabi-Yau 09. Of Energy - Singularity 10. Of Energy - Embers "Altered State" was produced, mixed, mastered and engineered by TesseracT guitarist Acle Kahney, assisted by bassist Amos Williams at Acle's 4D Sounds studio, and marks the first full release with new vocalist Ashe O'Hara following the departure of American vocalist Elliot Coleman (Omnom, Sky Eats Airplane, Zelliack) in June 2012. "The new album has shaped up to be something of an evolution for TesseracT," band's bassist Amos Williams told ThrashHits.com. "Obviously, there's the new voice, which is exciting for us to work with. Ashe brings such an intense level of emotion to the table, it feels as if we have added another dimension to the music. We've also travelled so much and met so many incredible and inspiring musicians since the first album. This has had a huge impact upon our songwriting."
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