Tesseract's Next Album To Consist Of One 51-Minute Song

U.K. progressive metallers Tesseract have just turned in a 51-minute song as their next album.

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U.K. progressive metallers Tesseract have "just turned in a 51-minute song as their next album," according to a new tweet from the band's record label, Century Media Records.

ThrashHits.com recently spoke to Tesseract bassist Amos Williams about the group's forthcoming CD, which is due later this year. The effort, which is rumored to be titled "Altered State", will mark the band's first release with new lead singer, Ashe O'Hara, following the departure of American vocalist Elliot Coleman (Omnom, Sky Eats Airplane, Zelliack) in June 2012.

"The new album has shaped up to be something of an evolution for Tesseract," Williams said. "Obviously, there's the new voice, which is exciting for us to work with. Ashe brings such an intense level of emotion to the table, it feels as if we have added another dimension to the music. We've also travelled so much and met so many incredible and inspiring musicians since the first album. This has had a huge impact upon our songwriting."

He continued: "Also, we now enjoy playing with dynamics and instrumentation. This came from releasing an acoustic EP last year. We're no longer afraid to mix things up or stray from the expected path, which we feel we did with our first album. That was in the box, whilst this album is way out there for us. Don't be afraid, though - whilst it has evolved, our music is still somehow Tesseract. It's like there is something just beneath the surface of everything we do, that shapes all we produce into a distinctly Tesseract-ish form."

"Nocturne", a brand new song from Tesseract, can be streamed using the SoundCloud player below.

Comments the band: "'Nocturne', is one of the most uplifting and exciting pieces of music we have created. It faithfully continues down the same vein of groovy and euphoric progressive soundscapes that we're known for. Whilst at the same time allowing for the musical evolution that is essential for any band that has a lineup change."

Hailing from Northampton, Ashe spent his early years singing in many different groups, from choirs to musical theatre, and has more recently been involved with a number of ambient/alternative metal projects in addition to doing session work, Blabbermouth reports. Ashe currently resides in Hove, East Sussex.

Commented Ashe: "I have always been an admirer of their work so it's pretty awesome to be passed such a challenging flame. I am very aware of the anticipation and I am certainly feeling the weight of it, but I am equally excited for what shall be an amazing and sh-thot experience!"

Tesseract recently picked up the "New Blood" award - as voted for by readers of Prog magazine - at the first-ever Progressive Music Awards in the U.K.

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    nothing will compare to Sleep's "Dopesmoker" as far as a one track album. Fantomas' Delirium Cordia isnt too shabby either.
    I would take Meshuggah's Catch 33 over dopesmoker, although that album was technically split up.
    Sleep - Dopesmoker 13:25 Boris - Absolutego 15:35 and Dronevil 12:57 Bongripper - The Great Barrier Reefer 1:19:23 and Heroin 1:168 Grave Temple - The Holy Down 10:15 and Electric Moon - Sleepwalker 57:36 All better....and A LOT longer. Though this seems okay I suppose....I just hope it doesn't drag on....long songs can sometimes do that.
    I've always liked their guitar work but this is honestly the first Tesseract album I'm looking forward to. New vocalist is sick.
    I actually liked the singer from their album One i was sad when i read he left. :[
    The reason I loved Concealing Fate so much, was the old vocalist. We'll have to see how this turns out
    I really ****ing hate it when bands do this with their albums, only because it makes it an absolute nightmare to find the parts of that single track album you want to listen to in the car. For the love of Zeus, split the different movements into separate tracks at the very least.
    As long as they have a new singer that they are writing around. I will class this as a debut album for new TesseracT and I will judge it as such.
    They say their s/t didn't have dynamics? The dynamics were what made it great! Well, that and everything else.
    It's like a glorified single then. Or it'll have interchanges between the 51 minute piece.