Testament Aiming to Release New Album in March 2015, Hoping to Recreate 'The Gathering' Vibe

artist: Testament date: 09/03/2014 category: new releases

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Testament Aiming to Release New Album in March 2015, Hoping to Recreate 'The Gathering' Vibe
Testament vocalist Chuck Billy shared hopes that the band will unleash their new album around March 2015, aiming to recreate the vibe of their 1999 effort "The Gathering."

"We're writing the record right now. And hopefully it'll be out March next year. And it's gonna be some good stuff," Chuck told Robb's MetalWorks (via Blabbermouth).

As for the mentioned "The Gathering" vibe, the timing does seem right, since bassist Steve DiGiorgio, who performed on the classic effort, is back in the band following a bitter split with Greg Christian.

"I never know what the final product is gonna be on any record we do - they all seem to be different - but I would love it if it kind of went back to what we did with 'The Gathering.' Something about that record, to me, hit a nerve with new fans and fans in general. So I think if we could take that, what we were, especially with Steve being back, and that's the album Steve was on with us, go back to that style of writing and performing... But who knows?" Chuck told Horns Up Rocks in April.

Back to the more recent interviews, Billy nicely summed it all up during last month's Kaaos TV chat, saying, "It's not what the young kids play, it's what we do." Check out the clip below for more.

The latest Testament studio album, "Dark Roots of Earth," saw its release in July 2012 via Nuclear Blast Records.

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