Testament Aiming to Release New Album in March 2015, Hoping to Recreate 'The Gathering' Vibe

"It's not what the young kids play, it's what we do," says Chuck Billy.

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Testament vocalist Chuck Billy shared hopes that the band will unleash their new album around March 2015, aiming to recreate the vibe of their 1999 effort "The Gathering."

"We're writing the record right now. And hopefully it'll be out March next year. And it's gonna be some good stuff," Chuck told Robb's MetalWorks (via Blabbermouth).

As for the mentioned "The Gathering" vibe, the timing does seem right, since bassist Steve DiGiorgio, who performed on the classic effort, is back in the band following a bitter split with Greg Christian.

"I never know what the final product is gonna be on any record we do - they all seem to be different - but I would love it if it kind of went back to what we did with 'The Gathering.' Something about that record, to me, hit a nerve with new fans and fans in general. So I think if we could take that, what we were, especially with Steve being back, and that's the album Steve was on with us, go back to that style of writing and performing... But who knows?" Chuck told Horns Up Rocks in April.

Back to the more recent interviews, Billy nicely summed it all up during last month's Kaaos TV chat, saying, "It's not what the young kids play, it's what we do." Check out the clip below for more.

The latest Testament studio album, "Dark Roots of Earth," saw its release in July 2012 via Nuclear Blast Records.

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    Sweet... Testament has released some of their best material relatively late in their career. The Gathering , Formation of Damnation and Dark Roots of Earth are all great albums. It seems like a lot of the "2nd tier" thrash bands are putting out better and better material while the "Big 4" have been on the decline. Testament, Exodus and Overkill have released some of the best thrash records of their careers over the past 10 or 15 years while Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax have been inconsistent at best.
    I've always thought that Testament and Overkill are some of the only bands who have released 10+ albums without releasing an average record. They both changed their styles over the years but it was never for the worse.
    I can sort of agree with that but not completely. Generally the releases of the Big 4 are pretty solid I find, with some exceptions (Thirteen was mediocre, Super Collider and St. Anger sucked). Besides the recent two Megadeth albums though I wouldn't say they're on the decline, because they all declined in the 90s and started releasing good/decent music again in the 00s. I do agree though that bands like Exodus and Testament are as good as ever
    I'm not the biggest fan of The Gathering, but I trust these guys to put out a good record. Since they've reformed, they've been releasing a lot of great music, so hopefully they'll release more.
    Fuck yes! Skolnick and Digiorgio together on an album! Cannot wait for this album to drop. Last two were killer. Out of all the old school thrash bands, I think Testament is the best band going now.
    Hmmm, have to say I didn't really get into the records that Alex was not on. Excited to hear some new stuff from these guys though!
    A "Gathering" style album with Alex Skolnick makes me very excited. I love that album, and I thought the only thing that it was missing was that Skolnick touch.
    Awww.... I mean dont get me wrong, the gathering was great, But I was loving the vibe their last 2 albums had, I would have loved if they waited for their NEXT album to do that, and probably for this upcomming record, release something like a perfect mix of Dark roots and Formation of Damnation.
    I loved Dark Roots of Earth, stuff like "Cold Embrace" and "Throne of Thorns" really stuck with me. I can't wait for whatever they do next!
    Testament, Overkill, Exodus - these are the best pure thrash bands ever, they've never forgotten about their roots, never "sold out", always deliver 200 %. I'm sure it's gonna kick major ass.
    I hope they go back to the style of Demonic one day
    I liked Demonic for what it was but I'd much rather keep it in its place in history and leave it at that. I don't think it would go too well trying to recreate that style.
    It's not that he wants to recreate The Gathering vibe, it's that DiGiorgio is the current bassist, and obviously Chuck isn't going to say he wants to recreate the New Order vibe
    "CAGED! AND RIDING THE SNAKE!" Hell yes The Gathering is a great metal album. It's a fun listen.
    Great album but I'd much rather see them aim to recreate the vibe of 'Practice What You Preach'. 'Dark Roots of Earth' is one of my favorite albums of the 2000's. Regardless, anything they put out is going t be gold. They can do no wrong.
    Hmmm, have to say I didn't really get into the records that Alex was not on. Excited to hear some new stuff from these guys though!