The Black Keys Announce New Album 'Turn Blue' Via Mike Tyson's Twitter

The group have also shared a teaser clip for the record.

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The Black Keys have announced their new album will be called "Turn Blue" via Mike Tyson's Twitter feed, reports Pitchfork (via NME).

The boxer posted a tweet earlier this evening (March 21) which read "Turn Blue" followed by a link to the duo's new teaser clip for the record, set to drop on May 13. You can watch the video at the bottom of the page.

Meanwhile, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney will bring the record to the UK this summer, with the pair recently announced as the final headliner for this year's Latitude festival. The event takes place at Southwold's Henham Park between July 17-20.

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    Hell to the yes. I've been waiting for these ****ers since 2011, "El Camino" was great.
    Aren't they releasing a new single today at 3:30pm EST? I read it somewhere, can't remember where though. I think it's called "Fever"
    "So we're the Black Keys, right? I think that to make the album announcement be huge, having it done by someone BLACK is KEY, amirite?!"
    I watched the video and was creeped as ****... I thought 'the ring' was happening to me or something
    Hopefully this isn't like El Camino and more like their raw stuff.
    The first single track is definitely closer to El Camino than other albums. It's closer to disco than anything to be honest. It just needs a horn section.
    It is closer to El Camino, but it's really not close to disco at all. It's got a disco tempo, I'll give you that, but it's just a fuzzy pop rock song. If the only other thing it needs to be a disco song is a horn section, what does that make all the actual disco music that features no horns?