The Black Keys To Record New Album This Winter

Rock duo plan to record their eighth record in North Michigan.

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The Black Keys plan to head back into the studio this winter to record their eighth album.

The "Gold On The Ceiling" duo have revealed to BBC 6Music that they are heading to a studio in North Michigan this winter to begin work on the follow-up to 2011's commercially successful "El Camino".

Speaking to presenter Matt Everitt, drummer Patrick Carney said they were going back into the studio because they "had to make an album", while guitarist/front man Dan Auerbach said it's "not a new thing" for them to be returning to the studio so soon after their last record.

He added: "That's just how we've operated for twelve years. We're just doing what we do. It will just be the two of us in a studio in North Michigan during the winter it's going to be awesome."

Auerbach also revealed that they may continue their recording sessions in Nashville later next year (2013) and plan to "hook-up" with Dangermouse, who co-produced "El Camino", for a couple of tracks.

Last night, The Black Keys played the second date of their two night residency at London's O2 Arena. The shows were the duo's biggest ever gigs in the UK, NME notes.

The duo have also been shortlisted for an Oscar. Their track "Baddest Man Alive", from RZA's kung-fu movie "The Man With The Iron Fists", is one of 75 tracks nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

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    Agreed. That incredibly average Gold on the Ceiling song is what they're best known for now. I wouldn't consider Attack and Release to be among the best though. My favorite is Magic Potion, which is also easily their heaviest album
    Even though i know this will not happen, I'm still crossing my fingers that they return to the style of their oldler albums
    Well the fact that they said it's just the two of them recording gives me a little hope. Maybe I'm just wishing for it too hard.
    Maybe if they went back to recording on an old 8 track like they used to, I'd get excited. But instead it looks like they're working with Danger mouse again. They started working with him back on Attack and Release, and they havnt sounded the same since.
    Yeah, and I don't think that they're going back to their old style anytime soon. I'm fine with another Brothers though.
    Lets be honest with ourselves...this album will probably excellent...again. This band is keeping badass rock and roll in the mainstream singlehandedly.
    Sure wish they said where in Northern Michigan, I live up there and I'd love to see them perform locally.
    I live in Michigan too, I would've loved to try and be a studio assistant or something if they were at a regular studio. lol
    Yeah I agree! I wonder if they're talking about the UP or Northern Michigan in the Lower Peninsula! I live in Grand Rapids and work in Ludington every day, wouldn't mind taking a road trip to find the studio, haha!
    The Black Keys are awesome, except for El Camino. It's kinda sad that their most recognized album, is actually their worst. Attack and Release, Thickfreakness, and Brothers were their best.
    Thickfreakness and Rubber Factory were masterpieces! Not sure about the new stuff
    Supercool! The Black Keys are one of my all-time favorite bands. I hope it will sound more like their older albums like "The Big Come Up" or "Thickfreakness".
    I didn't mind El Camino, it sat in my car stereo for quite awhile once and came out. I too hope they go back to their older stuff, or maybe just add a bit more grime to their newer stuff, that'd be great. Whatever they do, I'm sure it'll be good!
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    in fairness , i saw them live last week and they spend at least half the set playing older songs as a two piece, so they may well revert back, maybe not completely. they tend to finish with i got mine off attack and release too, not one of the best known tracks...
    I hope they mean the U.P. , but I'm guessing not. When people say Northern Michigan they mean like, Gaylord or Mackinac. The U.P. gets ignored like the red-headed stepchild.