The Bled Re-Release Pass The Flask

artist: The Bled date: 01/12/2007 category: new releases
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Arizona-based hard rock band, The Bled, will be reissuing Pass The Flask, their debut release, compiled with 11 additional tracks, on March 20, 2007 on Vagrant Records. When we released Found in the Flood, a lot of people though it was our first record, says Jeremy Talley, guitarist and one of the three founding members of the Tucson group. When people found out that Pass the Flask was our first, they could barely find it in stores. We also had tracks that only our friends, family and local fans had heard before, so it seemed like the right time to put them all on one disc and put it out there before too many people find out about the internet. The original version of Pass The Flask has become a hard-to-find item and the band has previously been unable to sell the disc at their shows. This new version also features some of the bands earliest recordings along with a few more recent original and unreleased tracks. When The Bled formed in Tucson in 2001, the founding members - Talley, Mike Pedicone (drums), and Ross Ott (guitars) - recorded the His First Crush EP after just two months of playing together. Only 1000 copies were pressed and were quickly sold as the band's local popularity grew. The Ambulance Romance EP was also a limited pressing that was recorded in 2002 and featured 4 songs (only three are included on this reissue) on a one-sided 12. Not long after, the band added current singer James Munoz and recorded their debut disc, Pass The Flask in 2003 (bassist Darren Simoes joined in 2004). The last three tracks were either never officially released or were only available on various samplers. The band says of the last track, "Lay On My Cot" was sent to us from deep space and shall never be spoken of again. The Bled is currently at home writing music for their follow up to their breakout disc, 2005's Found In The Flood. The band will be heading to Baltimore's Salad Days studio in March to begin recording with producer Brian McTernan. A summer 2007 release is planned. Pass The Flask track listing:
  • Red Wedding
  • You Know Who's Seatbelt
  • I Never Met Another Gemini
  • Ruth Buzzi Better Watch Her Back
  • Sound Of Sulfur
  • Porcelain Hearts And Hammers For Teeth
  • Get Up You Son Of A B****, Cause Mickey Loves Ya
  • Spitshine Sonata
  • We Are The Industry
  • Nothing We Say Leaves This Room
  • His First Crush
  • Anvil Pinata
  • Swatting Flies With A Wrecking Ball
  • Glitterbomb
  • F Is For Forensics
  • John Wayne Newton
  • Meredith
  • My Cyanide Catharsis (featuring Emily Long)
  • OK, But Here's How It Really Happened
  • Hotel Coral Essex (original recording)
  • Lay On My Cot (K-Note Freestyle featuring MC JayRay)
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