The Calling Returning With New LP

artist: The Calling date: 04/05/2004 category: new releases
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The Calling have a motto for 2004: Out with the old, in with the new. "It definitely feels good to have new material, because we got really burnt out on the last record after like four years of doing it," singer Alex Band explained recently. The Calling's 2001 debut, Camino Palmero, broke through in one country at a time, which kept the band on the road for what seemed like an eternity. Now, after spending a year writing and recording with legendary producer and music-industry executive Clive Davis, The Calling are set to release the follow-up on June 8. Titled Two ? a reference to being the second album and the band having two principals, Band and guitarist Aaron Kamin ? the album will showcase a more mature sound from a band that was signed as teenagers. "We got much better production and everything's a little more up-tempo, a little more rock," Band added. The first single, "Our Lives," will arrive in late-April. "It's a big rock anthem-type song," Band said. "It's about making the best out of your life and all the things you can achieve and stuff like that." Two will mark the Calling's first album without bassist Billy Mohler and drummer Nate Wood, who left last year and are suing for additional royalties. Band, who insists Mohler and Wood were hired hands, has since found new musicians, who have been rehearsing with him and Kamin for summer and fall tours. Two track list, according to RCA Records: 01. "Anything" 02. "Believing" 03. "Things Will Go My Way" 04. "Our Lives" 05. "Chasing The Sun" 06. "One By One" 07. "Somebody Out There" 08. "Surrender" 09. "If Only" 10. "Dreaming In Red" 11. "Your Hope" 12. "For You" Read more @ Mtv.Com.
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