The Cure Aiming to Release New Album in 2014, DVD Concert Series on the Way

Tentatively titled "4:14 Scream" will mark the band's 14th studio effort, details inside.

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The Cure have officially announced plans to release a new studio record within the next several months, marking a follow-up to 2008's "4:13 Dream."

AsĀ Guardian reports, the album is tentatively titled "4:14 Scream" and was recorded at the same time as its predecessor. Additionally, the band revealed plans for releasing a series of live DVDs during the current year.

Finally, another "Trilogy" style show is scheduled to take place around the globe at the end of the year.

As the group's 13th studio effort, "4:13 Dream" saw its release in October 2008 via Geffen Records, debuting at No. 16 on the Billboard 200 chart with about 24,000 units shipped in the US within the first week.

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    This is really good news, i was kinda beginning to fear that we would never see another album from them and i defineately never expected the follow up to 4:13 Dream, to arrive after all these years.
    man, its sad to see Robert Smith getting old, but I love The Cure and this will be ****ing sweet!
    I truly hope that I will be able to go to a 'Trilogy style show'! The Cure have been at the top of my list of bands I want to see live, so I cannot wait!
    Fuck yeah, this is bloody brilliant. I've been looking forward to this news for some years now.
    still waiting for the "Wish" remaster that's been rumored for years now... after "Disintegration" the whole remaster project kinda died off...
    New Cure is always a good thing, especially now that more people know about them because Adele covered Lovesong.
    They were bigger than Adele in their day, it's sad that so many people seem to have forgotten them.
    Very exciting news. I know this was recorded 6 years ago, and technically isn't "new" material, but I hope this album will do well, and inspire them to keep going. The Cure is still relevant as far as I'm concerned.