The Dillinger Escape Plan Posted New Album Preview

artist: The Dillinger Escape Plan date: 04/02/2013 category: new releases

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The Dillinger Escape Plan Posted New Album Preview
With May 14 release of their announced before fifth studio record "One of Us is the Killer" getting closer with each passing day, the extreme metallers from The Dillinger Escape Plan have decided to give us an insight of what we are to expect from the new album. In a six-and-a-half minute long clip, the band furiously charges through the track list, letting us know that were in for an intense one. With good fans' reactions all around, we can only hope that the album will truly represent "a new holistic pinnacle of the band's constantly evolving and engaging dynamics," as it was previously announced. With Steve Evetts (The Cure, Suicide Silence, Glassjaw) in charge of the production duties, the album was recorded in Southern California and is now officially available for pre-order. "The album represents a new holistic pinnacle of the band's constantly evolving and engaging dynamics. 'One of Us is the Killer' finds Weinman, Puciato, longtime bassist Liam Wilson and drummer Billy Rymer in top form, emphasizing Dillinger Escape Plan's fierce independence, staunch individualism and loyalty to their unique vision which has long followed them on-stage and off," the group stated via official website. The band is currently preparing to embark on a three-month long tour starting on April 20 in Worcester and stretching all the way to July 6. Their previous studio effort, "Option Paralysis," came out in March 2010 via Party Smasher Inc, debuting at No. 78 on the Billboard 200 chart with 7,100 copies sold within the first week.
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