The Killers: 'The Next Album Is Going To Have More Guitars'

artist: The Killers date: 09/09/2011 category: new releases
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The Killers' next album will have a more guitar heavy sound, according to drummer Ronnie Vannucci. Speaking to NME, Vannucci - who makes music as Big Talk - hinted that The Killers new sound would differ from 2008's Stuart Price helmed "Day & Age" album. He said: "The next album is going to have more guitars. It's about fucking time!" Vannucci also confirmed that the band were set to hit the studio. "In October we're going to start recording in Nashville," he said. "It's up in the air who's going to produce it, I can't officially say." He continued: "We have some people in mind, but I don't want to piss people off and say who it is. All last month we've been writing some great Killers songs, it's really happening. I'm really looking forward to doing this next record it's going to sound fucking great." Vannucci, who is set to play a some UK solo shows later this month as Big Talk said that he was nervous about hitting the stage without his bandmates. "I always get nerves, no matter what instruments I play but it's necessary, it's vital," he said "It makes your voice go high, it's nice." He promised the shows would be value for money. "We're going have a good fucking time, it's going to be a ball." Vannucci added: "We're going to have lots of fun - we're going to a Whisky distillery for a day!" Asked about the success of Big Talk Vannucci said: "Maybe [it's successful] because it's rock and roll. When you hear records by some of these guys it seems like they are more worried about their hair than the tunes and having a good time. It's an honest record, it's pure. It feels like I'm not trying to say anything big and it's the right time for a record like that." Thanks for the report to
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