The Kooks Unveil New Single 'Forgive and Forget'

Another massive track from new album.

Ultimate Guitar

The Kooks' comeback continues with the returning indie stars dropping their latest single, "Forgive and Forget." Check it out below.

Our colleagues at Gigwise wrote their track review, you can also check it out below.

"Early Kooks fans will be forgiven the double-take, not just at the new-look of a band that features two new members but at the new found funk-inspired sound. Luke Pritchard's days of chiming an acoustic guitar in a straw hat are long behind him, today his sound is altogether more developed.

"'Forgive and Forget' is upbeat, happy and effortless in its attempts to bring a smile to your face, and that's about it. Like Pharrell William's 'Happy' the song, which coincides perfectly with the current, albeit dwindling, feel-good summer sunshine, does exactly what it says on the tin.

"Elements of the old Kooks remain, like Pritchard's hard-to-place regional accent, but the track is itself a bold move in shedding the skin of the previous successes. A better move for the band would surely have been to rename the group. That way older fans wouldn't be listening out for murmurs of "Inside In/Inside Out" and a wider range of open-minded new fans could have been captured."

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