The Living End In The Studio

date: 03/31/2008 category: new releases
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The Living End In The Studio
The Living End are heading into the studio with producer John Agnello at Water Music Studios in Hoboken, New Jersey. Agnello forged a name for himself in the heady days of the '90s, working with Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jnr and The Hold Steady. Water Music Studios has also played host to a wealth of music industry heavyweights including U2, Evan Dando and Ryan Adams. "After quite a long period of writing/demoing we are keen as hell to get in the studio and make the best record of our career. We are more excited about the new material than any time before in The Living End's history - seriously!" said Chris Cheney. "There is a heaviness and depth to the new stuff that we simply haven't had before. We haven't worked alongside producer John Agnello before but judging from the rock records he's done, we feel he can capture the energy and attack that we are after." Agnello heard the new demos from The Living End and was blown away. He is really excited to be working with the band. "From the moment I heard the demos of the new songs, I knew this would be a special record. Chris's vocals really blew me away and the lyrics are great. There are some real standout songs, among them, "Kid" and "Waiting For The Silence." It also doesn't hurt that they are my nephew's favorite band of all time and he's been up my ass about meeting them since I told him," says Agnello. The Living End will then be stepping in to mix the record with legendary producer Brendan O'Brien, who will be mixing the album in between his commitments recording the new AC/DC album and the new Pearl Jam record. 'We are very excited that Brendan O'Brien will be at the mixing desk and although we've never worked with him either, we feel his track record speaks for itself." The Living End's first album on Dew Process/UMA is due out in mid-July.
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