The Offspring Return To The Studio

artist: The Offspring date: 10/07/2010 category: new releases
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The Offspring have wrapped up their summer tour, and are back in the studio working on their next album. Frontman Dexter Holland posted this to the band's Twitter: "Good to be back in the studio." The Offspring are reportedly working on the forthcoming album with Bob Rock (of Metallica fame), who produced the band's latest album. Frontman Dexter Holland commented (read story on UG), "Working with Bob Rock has been the best experience that we have had in the studio. Bob is obviously a great producer, but beyond that Bob and we get along and sort of see the record making process similarly..the songs sometimes take a little longer to finish but the end result is far better for taking the time and is something we're very proud of." The Offspring planned to release their ninth studio album this year, although bassist Greg Kriesel told Examiner last month (read story on UG) that sometimes the process can take "a bit longer than you anticipate." The still-untitled album will be their first in over two years since "Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace" and their first proper release with new drummer Pete Parada (formerly of Saves the Day and Face to Face), who has been with the band since 2007; sesson musician Josh Freese handled the drum tracks on "Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace". Meanwhile, the band spent the summer on the road with 311 and Pepper on this year's "Unity Tour". After the tour, The Offspring played a few festival dates in Japan in August.
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