The Rentals Return With New Project

artist: The Rentals date: 02/06/2009 category: new releases

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According to, the recently revamped line-up of The Rentals, led by former Weezer bassist Matt Sharp, are inviting you into their studio. After reuniting for a tour celebrating their debut album, "Return Of The Rentals" in 2007, the band has embarked on a new and rather ambitious project entitled, "Songs About Time". This year-long endeavor, a "multimedia" project of sorts, is separated into three sections, or "mini-albums." "Photographs About Days" will have one photo posted each day that will "chronicle songs about time." "Films About Weeks" will present "52 films in 52 weeks", featuring music specifically scored for each short video. "Songs About Time", the third and most important section, will release three, digital mini-albums over a span of six months (April, July, and October). All of the mini-albums will be available to stream or download. The project can be streamed for free at the Rentals website. At the end of the year, The Rentals will release a box set of the project, which as of now will be the only way to obtain the mini-albums in a physical format, both as compact discs and 180-gram vinyl records. Also, one of the 365 rolls of film will be added to the first 365 orders of the box set, which can be pre-ordered as soon as the first mini-album comes out in April.
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