The Rolling Stones Release 'Grrr!' Gorillas Worldwide

artist: The Rolling Stones date: 09/21/2012 category: upcoming releases

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The Rolling Stones Release 'Grrr!' Gorillas Worldwide
Many of the world's most well-known landmarks are being overrun by gorillas! To help promote their new "Grrr!" greatest hits package, the Rolling Stones have unleashed 3,000 of the hairy beasts to top structures like the Empire State Building, Big Ben in London and the Sydney Opera House. Perhaps the best part is only a small portion of the population will be able to see the animals. It's another advantage of downloading the band's uView App. By pointing your smart phone at one of the structures in 50 cities worldwide, the gorilla will come to life. You can then take a picture, and email it in to compete in a contest for prizes. Or you can send it via Twitter to @RollingStones including the #GRRR! hashtag. A few pics are already available at the Stones' "Grrr!" homepage. It's there you can find all the locations at which the app will work, and maybe plan your vacation to see sites like the Nelson Mandela statue in South Africa or the Freedom Tower in Miami, Fla. If you can't get to one of those locales, you can also point the view finder at any Rolling Stones logo or the iconic lips. Pointing the view finder at an actual gorilla is another way to bring the gorilla to life, although we suggest taking cover if an angry animal starts running at you. Thanks to UltimateClassicRock for the report.
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