The Secret Machines: New Album Tracklisting

artist: Secret Machines date: 08/05/2008 category: upcoming releases

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The Secret Machines: New Album Tracklisting
The Secret Machines have revealed details of their forthcoming album. The band will self-release the self-titled follow-up to 2006's 'Ten Silver Drops' in the US on October 14, reports The album was recorded in New York City and produced by the band and Brandon Mason. It contains eight tracks including 'Atomic Heels', 'Have I Run Out' and 'The Walls Are Starting To Crack'. It is their first album to feature the band's new guitarist Phil Karnats, who has replaced Benjamin Curtis after he left the in March of last year, as previously reported. The album tracklisting is:
  • 'Atomic Heels'
  • 'Last Believer, Drop Dead'
  • 'Have I Run Out'
  • 'Underneath The Concrete'
  • 'Now You're Gone'
  • 'The Walls are Starting To Crack'
  • 'I Never Thought To Ask'
  • 'The Fire Is Waiting' Meanwhile, the band are set to perform at New Jersey's All Points West festival on August 10.
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