The Stooges Recording New Album Without Iggy Pop

Frontman expected to return next year.

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Iggy and the Stooges are planning to record an album with a series of guest singers replacing Iggy Pop. The move comes as guitarist James Williamson claims the frontman is expected to return to the band in 2015.

Mark Lanegan and Jello Biafra are among the guest singers who will feature on "Re-Licked," a set of previously unreleased songs written around the time of their classic 1973 album "Raw Power." Pop announced last September that he wouldn’t be working with the Stooges in 2014, but Williamson told Rolling Stone (via NME): "Iggy gave me his blessing and wished me success with the album. But it's a hard pill to swallow when someone is doing all your songs with your band and you're not on it."

Pop said in a statement: "I don't have a problem with anything. This statement about 'hard pill' sounds kind of passive aggressive to me ...

"These guys are my friends and we've all worked together many years. They're working musicians and they need to play."

Pop's spokesman additionally claimed the singer wasn't given the chance to appear on "Re-Licked" and only learned of the album in December 2013 when a record label rejected the chance to release it.

This is the first year since the band reformed in 2003 that Pop hasn't toured or recorded with the band. They have released two albums since reuniting, "The Weirdness" in 2007 and "Ready to Die" in 2013.

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    The Stooges without Iggy, that doesn't seem right. Although having Mark Lanegan as a guest singer sounds interesting.
    That's like taking the Ridges out of Pringles.
    Or the bell out of the end. Okay, maybe that doesn't work so well.
    So whos left without Ron or Iggy? James Williamson? Shouldnt they just be 'The Stooge' then?
    Funny that UG does an article about the Stooges but does not use the word "Punk". They save that moniker for the likes of Good Charlotte and Avral Lavigne and the like.....
    This doesn't work. If these songs are the outtakes we have heard numerous versions of from discs like "More Power" and such, I am fine with it, but if they are unrecorded Raw Power tracks, this is disgusting. Also, Williamson was only just brought back, why are his britches so big all of a sudden? Also, I really liked "Ready to Die".
    Ready to Die was great, if Iggy is back for the next tour/recording then good I love both lanegan and Biafra so no complaints from me, they have been iggy and the Stooges since Fun House so they kinda have the right to release under the Stooges name.
    Its sad that Iggy is not on it but it doesn't sound that bad. The band is great and if Mark Lanegan and Jello Biafra are on it it's going to be an interesting record.