The Strokes Name New Album 'Comedown Machine'?

It has been claimed that The Strokes have titled their new album "Comedown Machine".

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It has been claimed that The Strokes have titled their new album "Comedown Machine", NME reports.

The title was discovered by Reddit user @andersonenvy who found a link in the code used on The Strokes official website which led to a cached image revealing the album title and artwork (see below). The image, thought to be the album cover, is styled on an old-fashioned RCA tape reel box. It lists a running time of 37m and 49 seconds and bears the words "extra strength", "splice free" and "professional standard".

Though not yet confirmed by anyone linked to the band, the find has led Strokes fans around the world to speculate that "Comedown Machine" will be the title of the band's next album.

The album will include new single "One Way Trigger" (scroll down to play the song), the lyrics to which lead singer Julian Casablancas recently posted on his official website alongside a picture of himself and guitarist Albert Hammond J driving off a cliff. Scroll down to see the image.

To further confuse matters, Casablancas also posted two messages on Twitter which appear to suggest the word "Rollerblades" could be involved in the album title. The frontman posted two pictures, one of a sign spelling out the word rollerblades in a jumbled fashion and another image of a girl wearing a pair of rollerblades. Casablancas captioned the latter image "from the new LP".

Last summer, it was reported that The Strokes were working on the follow-up to 2011's "Angles". Reports that the band had been working on new material at the famous Electric Lady Studios in their home city of New York were quickly denied by their management and record label.

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    The new single is a grower, I wasn't fond at first but after 3 listens I do think it's good, excited for the album nonetheless
    Considering all their works since Is This It have been on a non-stop freefall... yea, nice title.
    I think the reason most people have been disappointed since Is This It is because they set the bar so high for that album. In any case, it's good for bands to try new things (as long as the songs are good.)
    Strong hints of A-ha - Take on Me on the new song there. It's another grower in my opinion, like most of the songs on Angles (apart from Under Cover of Darkness and Machu Picchu , they were instant). I don't mind that it's not going to sound like the first 2 albums though.
    Really liking their new single. For some reason it really reminds me of their earlier work. It's the first Strokes album I am looking forward to since this is it.
    It took until the chorus of the new single for me to be able to get behind it, but I think it's great now and honestly can't wait for whatever they put out next.
    The album should be called..."It Doesn't Matter". Because the Strokes haven't mattered since their first album... and when they play live, it doesn't matter what song they play because they all sound the same. I put a lot of thought into this comment.