The Strokes Stream 'Comedown Machine' Ahead Of Release

The band's fifth album is set for official release on March 25.

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The Strokes are streaming their brand new album, "Comedown Machine", ahead of its official release on March 25.

"Comedown Machine" is The Strokes fifth studio album following "Is This It?", "Room On Fire", "First Impressions Of Earth" and "Angles".

Click here to listen to the album via Pitchfork Advance.

The band had already unveiled the song "One Way Trigger" and recently revealed the video for their new single "All The Time".

Speaking about the possibility of The Strokes performing live in the near future, bassist Nikolai Fraiture recently explained that the band have no current plans to perform but that he is hopeful of working something out soon.

"I don't know. I would love to tour," Fraiture said.

Discussing the making of "Comedown Machine" at New York's Electric Lady studios, the bass player added: "We hashed it out all together like the good old days. It's a legendary studio and it is not far away from us all, apart from Nick who lives in Los Angeles, but he made the trip out to record."

The "Comedown Machine" tracklisting is:

01. Tap Ou 02. All The Time 03. One Way Trigger 04. Welcome To Japan 05. 80's Comedown Machine 06. 50 50 07. Slow Animals 08. Partners In Crime 09. Chances 10. Happy Ending 11. Call It Fate Call It Karma

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    I actually LOVE this new direction. I love the old stuff, but evolution in a band is the best. This is a good sound for them
    super excited for the release of the new album! been streaming it all week on Pitchfork and Im really impressed by it. Im happy the Strokes are still making really creative music- definitely check out the new songs.
    Like a mixture of Room On Fire and Angles, a lot rockier than i expected and will be a grower.
    Really sad that they apparently took enough acid to think they should write music for Disco Stu. They used to be a good band.
    This new sound has shown me they obviously really put a lot of thought in to the music they make, as opposed to churning out the same kind of stuff over and over again. I would put Comedown machine up there with Room on Fire.
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