The Unseen: Upcoming Album Details

artist: The Unseen date: 05/23/2007 category: new releases

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The Unseen have posted some more details about plans around their upcoming album. The record is titled Internal Salvation and is due out July 10, 2007. It is the follow-up to State Of Discontent which was released in 2005. "Well I changed a few tunes at your request! We will add a new song in the next few weeks from Internal Salvation. Also a few things. We will be doing a video sometime soon for a song called "Brake Away." More info to follow when I get it. Also looks like yours truly will be featured in the next issue of Punk Rock Confidential in the photo album section. I got some sweet pics of me as a youngster. That is out sometime in the next month or so." As originally reported, the band will be performing on the entirety of Warped this summer. Thanks for the report to
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