The Used Say No To Screamo

artist: The Used date: 01/11/2007 category: upcoming releases

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The Used Say No To Screamo
"We wanted to say [no] to the genre of music that's eating us all alive right now emotional screamo." So says The Used frontman Bert McCracken talking to MTV News about his band's next album, which is supposed to be out in March. "We want to establish ourselves as something brighter than just this dimly lit singled-out genre that's going to fade away in a couple years. We're just rock kids. We can't help what we've been influenced by, but we can help create something new and keep music fun and not take ourselves so seriously with all sorts of concept ideas. So this is just a good rocking record with tons of licking guitar riffs and tons of good lyrics encompassing everything from what's going on in the world to these sh--ty remake movies that we're seeing." McCracken, who's been living in Los Angeles, used his adopted hometown as inspiration for songs like "Pretty Handsome Awkward" and "Liar, Liar." The self-titled offering will be preceeded by a live cd/dvd package called Berth. Credits for the info to
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