The Winery Dogs Set to Enter Studio

artist: The Winery Dogs date: 07/18/2014 category: new releases

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The Winery Dogs Set to Enter Studio
The Winery Dogs are officially set to hit the studio to work on their sophomore effort, guitarist/vocalist Richie Kotzen has confirmed.

Back in April, drummer Mike Portnoy shared the group's plans to have the new record out during 2015, so it seems as if things are headed as planned.

Back to the present day, Kotzen told Get Your Rock Out that the band is feeling "no pressure" to replicate the self-titled debut in order to repeat its success.

"Once you start looking at music like a maths equation and you start making choices that are outside the realm of creativity, you put yourself in a situation for a lot of emotional failure," he said (via Classic Rock).

"When you're there, the music is meaningless and everything suffers - then things fall apart. I think whatever we do, we'll do what feels natural and what the three of us can get behind," the singer/guitarist added.

"The Winery Dogs" saw its release in May 2013 via Loud & Proud, reaching an impressive No. 27 spot on the US Billboard 200 chart.
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