The Winery Dogs Set to Enter Studio

Band feeling no pressure to replicate the debut album, Richie Kotzen explains.

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The Winery Dogs are officially set to hit the studio to work on their sophomore effort, guitarist/vocalist Richie Kotzen has confirmed.

Back in April, drummer Mike Portnoy shared the group's plans to have the new record out during 2015, so it seems as if things are headed as planned.

Back to the present day, Kotzen told Get Your Rock Out that the band is feeling "no pressure" to replicate the self-titled debut in order to repeat its success.

"Once you start looking at music like a maths equation and you start making choices that are outside the realm of creativity, you put yourself in a situation for a lot of emotional failure," he said (via Classic Rock).

"When you're there, the music is meaningless and everything suffers - then things fall apart. I think whatever we do, we'll do what feels natural and what the three of us can get behind," the singer/guitarist added.

"The Winery Dogs" saw its release in May 2013 via Loud & Proud, reaching an impressive No. 27 spot on the US Billboard 200 chart.

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    Really looking forward to this, believe it or not their first album was my "real" introduction to Richie Kotzen. The man is a beast, great singer and unbelievable guitarist. The talent in this band makes me want to burn all my equipment...
    yeah same. the first album was great. hope theres more songs like you saved me and im no angel. Regret was my favorite though as a blues fan.
    I have enjoyed everything that Kotzen has done--solo, Poison, Mr. Big--you name it. The Winery Dogs first CD was a near masterpiece, and the new one will surely be a blues-based sonic blast. Bring it!!
    Fuck math and **** equations
    Without math and problem-solving skills, the world would be in a bad place.
    a drummer
    agreed. Math is one definitely of the most important aspects of human evolution.
    First, the world is already in a bad place. Second, I was referring to the way music is written as if it were some kind of mathematical equation. I should know better by now that fooling on the Internet is a no-no...
    Anybody else see the irony in someone typing that they hate math on a computer?
    They are already inside you, wanting you or not. Plus it's good to know the rules whenever you're out of creativity.
    Who are they again and how much would it cost me to get a featured article like this for my band?
    You'll have to be in a band made up of three guys with extremely impressive histories, who've been superstars in music, likely since before you were born. That's what it costs.
    Whether you like the members or not, if you haven't heard of Ritchie Kotzen, Mike Portnoy, or Billy Sheehan then you haven't been playing very long or you live under a rock.
    Why is it that the only good new rock music is coming from guys over 40 or even 50 years of age??? Why aren't the young people doing anything good? Where is this generation's Guns n Roses? Fucking John Mayer ruined it. He showed young guys that if you put out a pretty song just how quickly you can get laid. Damn!
    Why is it that people who have clearly not invested any time looking for good new music are always the people bitching about there not being good new music?
    You could always look to another place for new music. Are you seriously coming here for that?