Thin Lizzy Announce New Name, New Line Up

The band are now called Black Star Riders.

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Earlier this year, Thin Lizzy announced that they would be releasing their first new album in 30 years, albeit under a new name. Now, speaking to Classic Rock, guitarist Scott Gorham has announced that the group will be going out under the name Black Star Riders, and that original drummer Brian Downey and keyboardist Darren Wharton have decided to move on from the group.

According to Gorham, the name change came about because the Thin Lizzy estate was uncomfortable about using the name for new material:

"Thin Lizzy is a partnership between Brian Downey and myself and the estate. If the estate had said, 'This is a kick-ass idea,' we would have had to rethink. But because they were feeling uncomfortable about it, that put a full stop to it."

Gorham also had his own reservations about using the name:

"As we were writing these new songs, I started to feel uncomfortable," he says. "I just felt, 'This isn't quite right without Phil.' So this is a new album by a new band. And I think it's the right decision."

Downey has left the band because he doesn't want to be on the road as frequently as the others do, while Wharton wants to concentrate on his AOR outfit Dare. Former Megadeth drummer Jimmy DeGrasso has joined the outfit, who are now working without a keyboard player.

Work on the new album, which is being produced by Kevin Shirley, starts in January. The record is due for release in May.

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    Good, there aren't enough bands with black in the name (Black Sabbath, Black Keys, Black Flag, Black Crowes, Black Lips, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Black Label Society, Black Eyed Peas, Black Angels, probably 30+ metal bands I don't know)
    Black Star Riders. Grown men came up with this name?
    I thought Thin Lizzy was Phil Lynott. I agree with thhe decision to record under a new name, I think it might be a cool album.
    I actually wish more bands did this instead of riding the coat tails of their bands name well past their prime. That being said, horrible name.
    You can't be a scientist at the animal trainer school and sell hamburgers out the back. It doesn't work that way.
    Riding on the fame of a deceased black star? lol, sorry, that was harsh and untrue, I hope to hear great things
    You do realize that if they wanted to ride on Phil's fame, they would have sticked with Thin Lizzy as their name?
    Black Star Riders? Sounds like a bloody 70's/80's anime, might as well called themselves Science Ninja Team Gatchaman and be done with it!
    I like how everyone's like "hahaha Black Star Riders what an awful name." There is a band with the name Between the Buried and Me. If you consider how ****ing absurd that statement is, let alone as a band name, you'll chill out, and think, "ah shit man, Black Star Riders... Those are some cool dudes." Suck it
    Well that'll be good amplifier advertisement name... Anyway nice to see Gorham still active, would have been epic if Gary Moore was still alive to join them
    There's an excellent Gary Moore Live in Dublin DVD from 2006 with Brian Downey on drums and all the main Lizzy guitarists taking turns playing the Lizzy songs they wrote.
    Bout time they changed it. Nobody was taking them seriously as "thin lizzy" and rightly so.
    Nice! Might be cool..just seems like it has nothing to do with Thin Lizzy, really.
    No Phil, No Gary, No Thin Lizzy.....Kinda reminds me of those jokers pretending to be Lynyrd Skynyrd
    Why is everyone bitching so much? They did a great job carrying on the legacy of Phil and the original TL, and they're releasing new material. Kind of bummed to see that Brian left, though.
    Without Phil it wouldn't be Thin Lizzy. With Gorham there will still be notoriety with TL name, but they have the decency to move on under a new name (albeit not a great name). Are the guys in Tank listening??? Without Algy, it's NOT Tank.